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What Exactly Is The Bigender Pride Flag, And What Does It Mean?

While many of us are now familiar with the famous rainbow flag, there are also other LGBQT+ flags that each represent the different sex, sexuality, attraction, and gender diversities within our fabulous community.

Even if most queer people identify with the rainbow flag itself, many also desire to fly their own particular flag alongside it. Because, y’all, representation is crucial!

One such flag is the Bigender Pride Flag – a flag you might already have seen flown at any number of pride festivals around the world, from Barcelona to Puerto Vallarta…and everywhere in between!

A bigender person is some whose sense of personal identity encompasses two genders. It literally translates as ‘two genders’ or ‘double gender,’ and these genders could be male and female but could also combine non-binary identities.

There are many widely used bigender flags – more than most LGBTQ+ identities – which is largely due to accusations around transphobia (among other things) of the original flag creator. We will discuss the second most common bigender flag, by camp-MLM, but if you are planning to fly one or get one as a gift for a friend, you might want to investigate the numerous alternatives. It has seven stripes, and the colors are thought to mean:

  • Pink/blue stripes are for presentation and the feeling of your identities (feminine, masculine, androgynous, whatever suits you).
  • The top purple is for all kinds of good relationships.
  • The white is for your unique bigender experience, how it feels and what it’s like. It’s also for understanding each other in this community!
  • The bottom purple is about self-respect, pride, and being true to yourself.
Bigender Pride Flag - LGBTQ Flag
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