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What Is The Polysexual Pride Flag, And What Does It Stand For?

What Is The Polysexual Pride Flag, And What Does It Stand For?

While most of us are aware of the iconic rainbow flag, there are many more LGBTQ pride flags that symbolize the diverse sex, sexuality, attraction, and gender identities within our beautiful queer community.

Even while most LGBT people continue to identify with the LGBT rainbow flag, many also want to fly their own flag alongside it.

You can imagine like the rainbow flag is like the national flag: everybody’s underneath that. But each group, like each state, has their own individual flag. Because, you know, representation is fundamental!

The Polysexual Pride Flag is one such flag, which you may have seen flying at any number of pride celebrations throughout the world, from Bucharest to Cancun to Montreal…or anywhere in between!

A polysexual person is someone who is sexually and/or romantically attracted to multiple genders. Sometimes, polysexuality is likened to other multi-sexual identities. One of the main differences between pansexual and omnisexual is that people who identify with these terms are attracted to all genders. On the other hand, a polysexual may not necessarily be attracted to all genders but may be attracted to many genders.

The polysexual pride flag has pink, green, and blue stripes. Pink represents an attraction to women, green represents an attraction to non-binary / enby people, and blue represents an attraction to men. The polysexual flag was created by Tumblr user Tomlin in 2012. The user created the flag after noting that polysexuals did not have a flag to represent them. He made the flag similar to pan and bi flags since all these identities are under the multisexual umbrella.

An anonymous wiki user designed an alternative poly flag on October 21st, 2020. This new design is meant to be easier on the eyes while maintaining the same meaning. This flag still has the original stripe colors with their meaning, and the additional lighter pink and blue stripes stand for poly individuals. The light green almost white stripes represent peace, poly, and transgender individuals.

For now, the original polysexual pride flag is the most frequently seen, but in the future, this could evolve. Remember that many LGBTQ+ pride flags have multiple versions in use simultaneously. It doesn’t make them less valid.

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