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Moving To Gay Arkansas? Thing To Know Before Relocating Here As An LGBT Person.

Moving To Gay Arkansas? Thing To Know Before Relocating Here As An LGBT Person.

One of the most common thoughts you might have before relocating anywhere is how accepting the locals are towards LGBTQ+ people and those who want to live a life true to their authentic selves . It is a very valid concern and something that sadly still needs to be considered in this day and age.

To help queer folx who are considering moving to Gay Arkansas, we have put together this guide from experts on the ground, considering the pros and cons of life here, discussing LGBT rights in Arkansas and whether Arkansas embraces our community.

We also take a look at the most gay-friendly cities in Arkansas and LGBT community organizations in Arkansas that you should be aware of!

You probably don’t think of Arkansas when considering states that are welcoming to LGBT families and people. Despite being located right in the heart of America’s Bible Belt, some parts of the state can be just as progressive, open-minded, and tolerant, as its Northern counterparts. However, it certainly isn’t all rosy, and LGBT may face some legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. In fact, many would argue that Arkansas, in general, is one of the least gay-friendly states in the country.

Moving to gay Arkansas - Arkansas lgbt organizations - Lgbt rights in Arkansas - gay-friendly cities in Arkansas - gaybourhoods in Arkansas

Overall, approximately 0.18% of the state residents are gay, which puts the state as the 44th gayest state in the nation, and Arkansas is home to a number of LGBT-friendly cities. The capital of Arkansas, Little Rock, has previously been ranked as the 11th gayest city in the US, and Fayetteville hosts the state’s biggest Pride celebrations each year. There are other queer strongholds if you know where to look where Arkansas’ LGBTQ community are determined to live life to the fullest.

To reduce the stress of your relocation, we recommend engaging a gay realtor in Arkansas early in the process to help you find your new perfect home there. They will have up-to-the-minute information on the best cities and areas for LGBT people and be able to match your needs to a neighborhood most suited to you.

You can just start with a no-obligation conversation, and if you decide to continue with your move to Arkansas – they will not only have your best interests at heart but also ensure you are treated with dignity and respect throughout the entire process.

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Moving to gay Arkansas - Arkansas lgbt organizations - Lgbt rights in Arkansas - gay-friendly cities in Arkansas - gaybourhoods in Arkansas

Highlights Of Moving To Gay Arkansas

It’s hard not to get enthusiastic about the unique and tempting proposition that moving to Arkansas presents – especially once you get chatting with residents and long-time locals in the know about all their state’s hidden gems and best-kept secrets. After all, this is why many chose to live here. 

Once you move here, you should quickly befriend locals, let them ‘spill the tea’ and then spend your free time discovering the best sights, food, nature and culture Arkansas has to offer. On top of this, thanks to an offbeat yet deeply engaged LGBT community – which congregates at a few fabulous queer hot spots – securing a relocation to Arkansas should allow you to meet local queer people with similar interests. 

We are certain locals will have many more to add, but to get you excited, here are just a few highlights to look forward to as you become Arkansas’s newest denizen.

Home To The Gayest Small City In America

There are 22 small cities in the U.S. that are worth your time, attention, and money, according to Vacationer, an online travel magazine that prides itself on being welcoming to LGBTQ+ people. Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is ranked seventh on the magazine’s list. 

Nearly 30% of Eureka Springs’ 2,000 inhabitants identify as LGBTQ+, giving the town the moniker “The Gayest Small Town in America.” This steep Victorian-era hamlet in the Ozark Mountains is only a two-hour drive away from Joplin, Missouri, and it makes a wonderful alternative to a seaside vacation.

 Eureka Springs provides a number of nightlife amenities, plus three “Diversity Weekends” (Pride festivals) that are scheduled all through the year. Eureka Springs was the state’s first city to grant same-sex marriage licenses and also passed a law to safeguard its LGBTQ+ residents.

Moving to gay Arkansas - Arkansas lgbt organizations - Lgbt rights in Arkansas - gay-friendly cities in Arkansas - gaybourhoods in Arkansas

Home to LGBT Organizations And Resources

Arkansas is home to a variety of LGBT organizations, such as Gay For Good, which seeks to advance diversity, create inclusiveness, and fortify relationships between the state’s LGBT community and the larger Arkansas community.

The organization creates a warm, inviting space and service initiatives in Little Rock and other areas in support of a diverse range of causes. 

Affordable Healthcare

Arkansas offers affordable healthcare options, including Medicaid expansion, which can be beneficial for the LGBTQ+ community, which may face discrimination and barriers to healthcare access.

Inclusive Educational Institutions

Some of the colleges and universities in Arkansas, such as the University of Arkansas and the University of Central Arkansas, have LGBTQ+ resource centers and inclusive policies to support queer students.

LGBT Owned Businesses

When you move to Arkansas, you will have no shortage of LGBT businesses and companies to support and patronage. It’s important to seek out LGBT businesses to ensure that they have the necessary incentive to grow and also encourage other potential-LGBT business owners to come up with ideas of their own.

Not only this, but patronizing such businesses ensure that the community grows and is able to support itself.

Moving to gay Arkansas - Arkansas lgbt organizations - Lgbt rights in Arkansas - gay-friendly cities in Arkansas - gaybourhoods in Arkansas (4)

Natural Beauty

Arkansas is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country. From the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains, to Hot Springs National Park, to the Buffalo National River, there are countless opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Whether you’re a hiker, fisherman, or simply someone who loves to take in the sights and sounds of nature, Arkansas has something to offer.

Outdoor Recreation

In addition to the natural beauty, the state offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. With over 600,000 acres of public land, and hundreds of miles of streams and rivers, there is no shortage of places to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to spend the day, Arkansas has something for everyone.

Low Cost Of Living

The cost of living in Arkansas is relatively low compared to other states, making it an affordable place to live. Whether you’re looking to buy a house, rent an apartment, or simply go out for dinner, you’ll find that the cost of living in Arkansas is quite reasonable. This makes it an especially attractive option for those on a budget or for those looking to relocate to a new state.

Rich Culture And History

Arkansas has a rich cultural heritage, with many historical sites and landmarks, such as the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, and the Arkansas Arts Center. The state also has a vibrant music scene, with a variety of genres represented, from bluegrass to blues to rock and roll. Whether you’re interested in history, art, or music, Arkansas has something to offer.

Friendly Community

Arkansans are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, making it easy for newcomers to feel at home in the state. The people here are known to be kind and hospitable, and they are always willing to help newcomers feel welcome and comfortable. Whether you’re moving to Arkansas for the first time, or you’re returning after many years away, you’ll find that the people here are always eager to make you feel at home.

Moving To Gay Arkansas Thing To Know Before Relocating Here As An LGBT Person.

LGBTQ+ Rights In The USA

The laws governing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people have altered considerably over time in the United States and vary from state to state. In many ways, LGBT rights are some of the best in the world – but the devil is in the detail, and some places are much more hostile to queer life than others.

While same-sex marriage has been legal in every state since the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges ruling on June 26, 2015 (before Obergefell v. Hodges, same-sex marriage was legal in 36 states and Washington, D.C. ), LGBT people are still treated differently in different states – both societally and as inequality under the law.

Over half of all states still allow discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, while counties and cities within states often have distinct laws as well. While some states permit adoption by all couples, others forbid it for all unmarried couples.

This is all to say what most of us already know is that LGBT rights and equality differ greatly across the USA, and the specifics of family, marriage and anti-discrimination laws are different in every state.

Thus, while it is comforting to know that you can choose to marry whoever you love across the USA (and have it recognized as such) and are protected against hate crimes based on sexual orientation or gender identity (which can be punished under Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr.

Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009), there are still many questions you will likely have about moving to Arkansas and what you can expect of LGBT life there.

LGBTQ+ Rights In The USA - LGBT Right In Arkansas

Does Arkansas Embrace The LGBTQ Community?

In April 2021, Arkansas became the first state to outlaw specific gender-transition procedures for minors after lawmakers overrode Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson’s veto of HB1570. Since then, similar laws have been approved in Arizona, Texas, and Alabama.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on behalf of a number of families of transgender adolescents, whose ages ranged from 9 to 16, claiming that the ban would prevent their access to essential healthcare. Plaintiffs in the case include medical professionals who handle transgender individuals.

There are several LGBT resources and organizations in Arkansas. In the rural South, where resources for LGBT+ people and POC are few, Arkansas has experienced a surge in homelessness and poverty amongst some of the most vulnerable people in its society. 

These small-scale organizations, which can include immigrant resource centers, LGBT+ organizations, and other organizations, are typically charged with the task of uplifting and emancipating these people. 

A recent study aimed to determine which states in the U.S. were most and least welcoming to LGBTQ families. On a measure of 1-100, Arkansas had a score of 6.7, placing it at the very bottom of the list.  States were given depending on the legal protections they grant LGBTQ+ residents and how many LGBTQ+ residents they have. 

According to the study, Arkansas is amongst the three worst states in the country in which to raise an LGBTQ+ child. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), American Civil Liberties Union, and Lambda Legal, have historically served as the legal representatives of the social movement in the state in favor of rights for the LGBTQ+ community. 

The University of Arkansas (UA) in Fayetteville, as well as other schools of higher learning, have seen the establishment of student groups in past years, which has led to an increase in the organization of LGBTQ+ individuals in Arkansas.

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Is Arkansas An Expensive State To Move To

The average cost of living in Arkansas is lower than the national average. The average price of goods and services here is 14.7% lower than the national average, according to statistics from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Arkansas has the lowest average cost of living among all the states.


The average home in Arkansas is valued at $123,300, which is $81,600 below the $204,900 U.S. median home value. A property built in 1939 or before is, on average, $88,100 cheaper than one built in 2014 and later, which has a median value of $206,300. In Arkansas, the average renter pays $729 per month for housing, which is $294 less than the $1,023 average monthly rent nationwide. In the state, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $554 per month, while the average rent for a home with five and/or more bedrooms is $1,099.


You should anticipate spending $958 on gas alone in a year, based on the average cost of gasoline, which was $1.91 per gallon in the middle of 2020 and the average fuel economy. The price of other forms of transportation and auto insurance can differ from state to state. Arkansas’s average vehicle insurance rate is $1,034, which is lower than the $1,517 nationwide average.


In comparison to the U.S. average of $4,266 per year, the estimated cost of health care for a single adult living in the state is $3,769 annually. The average yearly cost of health care for a family of four is $11,362, which is $1,588 lower than the corresponding U.S. average of $12,950.

Food and groceries.

These account for an average annual expenditure of $2,988 for a single adult in the state and $8,630 for a family of four. For comparison, the average yearly food expenditure in the United States is approximately $9,354 for a family of four and $3,240 for an adult.

Moving to gay Arkansas - Arkansas lgbt organizations - Lgbt rights in Arkansas - gay-friendly cities in Arkansas - gaybourhoods in Arkansas

LGBTQ+ Community Organizations In Arkansas

Wherever you live, it is essential that you support LGBT organizations in any way you can so that they can keep reaching out to and assisting other, more vulnerable members of the community. After all, we are stronger when we work together, and each of us will likely have a time in our lives when we require a little extra support.

Thankfully, Arkansas has a supportive and diverse LGBTQ community, which has helped the state become more gay-friendly in recent years.

As a result, there are a variety of LGBT resources available to community members, their allies, friends, and families – and you ought to feel free to utilize them or consider giving your support as needed to keep your new home state moving forwards!

They are also great places to meet new people and find your queer chosen family in Gay Arkansas.

Arkansas LGBTQ+ Advancement Fund

Arkansas LGBTQ+ Advancement Fund is an organization seeking to enhance the quality of life for the Arkansas LGBT community by offering legal, education, health, advocacy, or other in-demand services and programs.

The organization is supported by a statewide fund and grants from the Olivia and Tom Walton Fund and the Alice L. Walton Foundation. Additional funding is provided by the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation.

The Fund gives grants to organizations in Arkansas that are vital to the state’s LGBTQ+ population. National organizations that have a local presence, long-standing collaborations inside the state, and solid ties to the community are also eligible.

The ACLU Arkansas

The ACLU of Arkansas is a nonprofit group that employs legal, public education, and legislative tactics to defend and advance a wide range of constitutional rights, such as free speech, privacy, racial justice, freedom of religion, reproductive freedom, LGBT rights, and more.

The national ACLU, the foremost protector of the civil rights enshrined in our country’s Bill of Rights, is an associate of the ACLU-AR.

Lucie’s Place

The mission of the central Arkansas-based nonprofit Lucie’s Place is to house and support homeless LGBT+ young adults between the ages of 18 and 25.

Many LGBT+ identifying youth in the south, particularly those in rural areas, risk being expelled from their own families or suffering abuse and harassment from family members because of their gender identity or sexual orientation in addition to housing, Lucie’s Place also offers STD testing, food, clothing, free-to-use bathrooms, toiletries, bus passes for transport, and cell phones. 

Having access to even one of these amenities can make a significant difference for people trying to survive on the streets without these resources. In addition to addressing immediate needs, the organization also aims to aid LGBT+ adolescents in making the transition from living on the streets to a forever home by providing a variety of services like counseling, education, and employment. 

LGBTQ+ Community Organizations

Most Gay-Friendly Cities In Arkansas

In Arkansas, there are many wonderful areas to live in, but when relocating to LGBTQ Arkansas, you should be cognizant that there are a few cities and gaybourhoods that are nearer to the queer hubs of life. Knowing them will allow you to pull your U-Haul up to your new house in a gay-friendly neighborhood or town that is best suited to your needs.

If you’re a lesbian, gay, bisexualtransgender, or otherwise queer person seeking a welcoming neighborhood with facilities you’ll cherish, start with these top gay and gay-friendly Arkansas cities to discover your perfect new home, each with its distinct personality.

Give yourself enough time to acquaint yourself with Arkansas’s diverse personalities, and remember that there is no one perfect answer when it comes to the most gay-friendly places in Arkansas… and just because it does not make our list doesn’t necessarily make it a bad option.

We recommend speaking to a local LGBT real estate agent for a more detailed understanding of the best options today. Now, let’s take a look at where these fabulously gay-friendly cities in Arkansas are and why you might want to consider them!

Moving to gay Arkansas - Arkansas lgbt organizations - Lgbt rights in Arkansas - gay-friendly cities in Arkansas - gaybourhoods in Arkansas

Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs is the state’s gayest city. Every Victorian-style shopfront and bed and breakfast in the city flies rainbow flags. The resort community’s natural springs, which are known for their curative waters, serve as its foundation. The town’s sloping, cobblestone alleys are lined with cute breakfast nooks and quirky shops, which have long since turned it into a tourist trap.

And, you’ll see gay people everywhere you look in these shops and streets. The locals don’t whisper in hushed tones when lesbians go grocery shopping, gay men drink coffee, drag queens distribute condoms and cookies, and transsexual coalitions meet in the bookstore. 

The community was the first in the state to formally support same-sex unions and the only one to have a Domestic Partnership Registry. The LGBT community is safeguarded by rigorous anti-discrimination laws, and every year, Eureka Springs hosts four Pride events! 

The quaint, gay Ozark refuge of Eureka Springs is your best bet if you’re seeking LGBT-friendly schools, places of worship, nightlife, and businesses. 

While its entertainment scene doesn’t compete with that of Orlando or other major cities, neither does it pull the summertime masses like Provincetown. However, Eureka Springs has emerged as the LGBTQ haven of the Bible Belt. Residents describe it as a sleepy yet lively small town where you can get to know neighbors and feel free to be who you really are. 

One adage from Eureka claims that even its streets aren’t straight. Eureka Springs didn’t earn its reputation as a welcoming place for LGBTQ people until the 1960s and 1970s. The town gained the moniker “the place where misfits fit” after being a bohemian hotspot for artists and hippies.

best gay-friendly cities in Arkansas - Eureka Springs

Little Rock

Political liberalism is prevalent in the city’s capital, which is evident in everything from Little Rock’s entertainment and nightlife to its welcoming churches, clinics, and community gatherings. Drag queens peruse the literature of local all-gay churches as lesbian couples sign up for volunteers at the animal shelters at Little Rock’s annual pride festival. 

The Triniti and Disco nightclubs are very well-liked venues on Friday and Saturday nights for over 18 LGBT audiences. Each club features multiple floors, three fully distinct bars, and a stunning interior design.

Six Ten Center, a softly lit martini bar with brick walls and a lively happy hour populated mostly by LGBT regulars, offers a more private atmosphere. Nine city churches in the city advertise as being gay-friendly, including one exclusively gay church named “New Beginnings,” which has services each Sunday.

The Heights and Hillcrest are the city’s oldest and gayest neighborhoods, respectively. It’s not rare to see a child’s same-sex parents drop them off at Forest Heights Elementary or to see an LGBT family exercising their dog in Knoop Park.

With Kathy Webb’s election in 2007 to the Arkansas House of Representatives, Little Rock also has a history of inclusivity in politics. For a small city, Little Rock boasts a surprisingly strong LGBT community. Numerous LGBT bars, restaurants, clubs, and stores can be found there. The number of LGBT people in the city is as diverse as the state’s overall population. 

Country gays, political gays, twinks, lesbians, drag queens, and gorgeous gay nerds may all call Little Rock home. Once you relocate here, your sole responsibility is to maintain an open attitude toward the LGBT community. Whatever the case, the city boasts a kind, open, and accepting population.

best gay-friendly cities in Arkansas - Little Rock


The University of Arkansas is housed in Fayetteville, Arkansas, which is situated in the northwest side of the state. Fayetteville is typical of college towns in that its residents tend to be more open-minded and liberal. The comparatively small region is rich in LGBT history and is affectionately referred to by its queer population as “Gay-etteville.”

The Ozark Land Holders Association, one of the country’s oldest lesbian communes, had its headquarters in Fayetteville. A notable lesbian novelist named Diana Rivers was a founding member of the club in the early-mid-1970s. The active lesbian community in the city still feels this history today.

Several gay-friendly clubs can be found in Fayetteville, including Dickson St. Theater and Ron’s Place, which has a drag show every Sunday. If you’re not a party animal, you need not worry. The NWA Center for Equality located in Fayetteville offers plenty of groups and events like Out and About for those who love the outdoors and Trans and Queer Community Group.  

Fayetteville is also making an effort to attract LGBTQ residents of Arkansas, and the nearby states, for whom visiting a major city on vacation is either unaffordable or not at all attractive.

Although city leaders in both Fayetteville and Eureka Springs are promoting their towns as places where residents and visitors can have it all, since Arkansas state politics aren’t as progressive, queer people and those from rural or Southern areas frequently feel like they’ve got to give up their identities. 

The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, which offers free information, advice on where to go, and safety precautions to LGBTQ tourists, has welcomed Fayetteville as the first Arkansas city to join. The roughly 85,000-person city has always been progressive, especially in the state, thanks to its status as a college town that also votes blue. 

best gay-friendly cities in Arkansas - Fayetteville 

Finding Gay Realtors In Arkansas

When looking for the ideal realtor, why would you consider someone’s sexuality? This may seem strange at first, but there are several reasons why contacting a gay realtor in Arkansas is a great way to find your dream house.

After all, when it relates to one of life’s most significant transactions, it’s not unreasonable to expect fair, equal, and honest representation from someone who understands the queer community’s particular needs and wishes.

Furthermore, unfortunately, many people (up to a third of Americans) believe that our community does not deserve protection and dignity in housing, adoption, employment, and other areas of life.

So it’s no surprise that LGBT people who use mainstream realtors often describe feelings of discomfort, unnecessary trouble, unenthusiastic representation, or even antagonism or outright contempt.

Everyone deserves a pleasant, stress-free home buying or selling experience while being adequately represented, and this is why we feel you should hire a gay realtor to assist you in finding your future home.

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LGBTQ realtors are more likely to be familiar with the diverse communities in their area and know which ones may be best suited to you when looking for a home.

That’s not to say a heterosexual realtor isn’t capable, but they’ve probably never had to address many of the issues LGBT people face. Rather than just being concerned with how bustling, fashionable, or up-and-coming a neighborhood is (or what it may appear like), gay realtors conduct extensive research into the neighborhoods in which they sell homes to ensure that clients are safe.

It used to be challenging to locate professional LGBT-friendly real estate agents in Arkansas, and it was virtually impossible to find one if you were relocating here from out of state and didn’t have access to a local referral.

You no longer have to search for a realtor without knowing whether or not they are accepting of others because you can use a list of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly agents in Arkansas to do all of your homework for you.

Simply go to the page, and you’ll be presented with a free list of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly agents who can help you with your relocation as well as other useful information like LGBT+friendly schools, shopping, storage firms, tradespeople, and more.

Read the biographies of LGBT real estate agents, then choose the one who is right for you. It’s critical that you find someone who will be by your side and support you and your family during one of life’s most exciting occasions.

Even better, there is no hidden motive, cost, or obligation whatsoever!

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