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What Is The Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag, And What Does It Stand For?

While most of us are aware of the iconic rainbow flag, there are many more LGBTQ pride flags that symbolize the diverse sex, sexuality, attraction, and gender identities within our beautiful queer community.

Even while most LGBT people continue to identify with the LGBT rainbow flag, many also want to fly their own flag alongside it.

You can imagine like the rainbow flag is like the national flag: everybody’s underneath that. But each group, like each state, has their own individual flag. Because, you know, representation is fundamental!

The Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag is one such flag, which you may have seen flying at any number of pride celebrations throughout the world, from Amsterdam to Puerto Vallarta to Palm Springs…or anywhere in between!

A lipstick lesbian is a slang term for a lesbian who displays a greater amount of traditionally feminine gender attributes, such as wearing make-up, dresses, or skirts, and having other characteristics associated with feminine women. As opposed to a butch lesbian, a lipstick lesbian a lesbian who prefers a glamorous, traditionally feminine style.

Natalie McCray created the lipstick lesbian pride flag in 2010 to symbolize the lipstick lesbian sub-group. However, this flag concept was accused of plagiarism since it appeared disconcertingly comparable to the Cougar pride flag produced by Fausto Fernós in 2008.

McCray was also criticized for advocating transphobic and exclusionary ideologies, and the majority of the community immediately abandoned her flag creation. Her flag’s colors were not explained, and we recommend flying another lesbian pride flag that is less problematic.

different pride flags - Lipstick Lesbian Pride Flag
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