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Moving To LGBTQ Shreveport, Louisiana? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!

Moving To LGBTQ Shreveport, Louisiana? How To Find Your Perfect Gay Neighborhood!

Shreveport, Louisiana – where Southern charm meets a kaleidoscope of culture, blending the soulful Ark-La-Tex region into a melody that dances to its own beat. Shreveport might not bask in the limelight like New Orleans, but honey, it knows how to throw a party that resonates with authenticity and joie de vivre.

Ready to be enchanted by the warm embrace of love, acceptance, and pride in Shreveport? This gem of Louisiana is a blossoming queer oasis, keen on making everyone feel at home. If you’re contemplating a move to LGBTQ+ Shreveport, get ready for a vibrant adventure that envelops you in liberal and inclusive vibes where families thrive.

Stride into Shreveport’s inviting heart, where the local queer community sparkles with pride. It’s a scene that might be a bit more restrained, akin to the close-knit LGBTQ+ circles in cities like Baton Rouge, Jackson, Little Rock, or Montgomery. Yet, it’s this very subtlety that offers a charming respite from the roaring scenes of Detroit or Atlanta.

This unique landscape is where a gay realtor in Shreveport shines bright, guiding you with precision and passion. Their expertise will lead you to your dream dwelling in the perfect gayborhood tailored just for you.

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Worried that Shreveport’s queer culture is hiding in the shadows? Cast those doubts aside and leap into the welcoming arms of a city where the rainbow flag isn’t just a symbol; it’s a promise.

Here in Shreveport, diversity isn’t just acknowledged; it’s celebrated with heartfelt sincerity. From trendy boutiques to homey cafés, establishments greet the LGBTQ+ community with a genuine pride that warms the soul.

So, what awaits you on your fabulous journey to LGBTQ+ Shreveport? Let’s discover it together! We’ll pave the smoothest path for your new chapter, ensuring your solo voyage or family escapade becomes a memory to cherish. With our guidance, you’ll be well-prepared to savor every moment of this fresh, exciting adventure.

So, darling, dust off those preconceived ideas and put on your dancing shoes; moving to LGBTQ+ Shreveport is a dazzling dance that’s sure to keep you twirling with joy and surpass your wildest expectations…

gay Shreveport - Shreveport gayborhood - lgbtq Shreveport - moving to lgbtq Shreveport

Highlights Of Moving To LGBTQ Shreveport

Shreveport, Louisiana, is like a jazz melody – subtle, smooth, and full of unexpected twists. It doesn’t loudly proclaim its queerness, but those in the know recognize its rhythm and flow.

In Shreveport, the LGBTQ+ community thrives in harmony with the city’s rich cultural and musical heritage. Here, people from all walks of life join together in a shared love of life and acceptance.

This city may be nestled in a traditionally conservative region, but it has carved out its own unique space for queer voices and experiences. Whether you’re exploring the historic arts scene, savoring the unique Creole and Cajun flavors, or finding your groove in local jazz clubs, you’ll find an accepting and diverse community that feels like home.

The LGBTQ+ community in Shreveport is resilient and vibrant, gathering in cozy spaces scattered across the city, from the bustling downtown to the quieter, tree-lined neighborhoods. Plant your rainbow flag here, and you’ll be part of a community that’s as lively and multifaceted as a Mardi Gras parade.

Moving to LGBTQ+ Shreveport means embracing a city with a soulful core. Its charm isn’t always obvious at first glance, but take a closer look, and you’ll find a place where every day offers a new opportunity to connect and celebrate.

So come on, let’s jazz things up! Shreveport awaits, ready to embrace you in its soulful melody and spirited community. Are you ready to dance to its beat?

gay Shreveport - Shreveport gayborhood - lgbtq Shreveport - moving to lgbtq Shreveport


Shreveport is renowned for its vibrant festival scene, offering a kaleidoscope of events catering to various interests. Embracing diversity and inclusivity, the city hosts various festivals celebrating the LGBTQ community and its allies.

Pride in the Park, organized annually by PACE, has rapidly gained popularity, attracting a diverse crowd of 1,500 attendees last year and anticipating an even larger turnout in the coming years.

Another beloved event, the North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, shines a spotlight on filmmakers who share compelling stories of the queer community’s triumphs and challenges with the world through the medium of film.

Beyond LGBTQ-centric festivities, Shreveport boasts many other captivating festivals, enticing locals and visitors alike. From the delectable Crawfest to the flavorful Battle of the Gumbo Gladiators and the spirited Mudbug Madness Festival, there is a celebration to delight the senses nearly every week of the year.

Unlimited Adventures 

Shreveport embraces an active and adventurous lifestyle, offering its residents many recreational opportunities. As a cultural epicenter, art enthusiasts can explore various galleries and museums, such as the Louisiana State Exhibit and the expansive R.W. Norton Art Gallery, the city’s largest museum. For outdoor enthusiasts, Shreveport is a haven.

Within minutes of the city, one can discover scenic spots for fishing and engaging in water sports. Mountain biking trails and camping sites await those seeking adrenaline-fueled experiences while hiking through the Red River National Wildlife Refuge offers a chance to connect with nature’s beauty.

With endless options for exploration and recreation, Shreveport ensures that residents can find their slice of outdoor paradise amidst the bustling cityscape.

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Thriving Music Scene

Shreveport’s rich musical heritage has made it a hub for music lovers and musicians alike. Known as a breeding ground for blues, jazz, and country music, the city hosts numerous live music venues, offering performances ranging from local acts to internationally acclaimed artists. The Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, home to the Louisiana Hayride, has played a pivotal role in launching the careers of legends like Elvis Presley and Hank Williams. Whether you’re in the mood for an intimate jazz club or a lively music festival, Shreveport’s dynamic music scene provides the perfect soundtrack for your stay.

Gaming and Entertainment

For those looking to try their luck or enjoy a night of entertainment, Shreveport offers several top-notch casinos. These gaming centers not only provide a wide range of table games and slots but also feature fine dining, live entertainment, and luxurious accommodations. The city’s casinos are more than just places to gamble; they’re destinations offering a blend of excitement, relaxation, and entertainment in a glamorous setting.

Rich Culinary Tradition

Shreveport’s culinary scene is as diverse and flavorful as its cultural heritage. A blend of Southern, Creole, and Cajun influences results in a mouthwatering array of dishes that can satisfy any palate. From comfort food like po’ boys and gumbo to elegant dining experiences, Shreveport’s restaurants and eateries offer something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the local farmers’ markets, where you can taste fresh produce and artisanal products unique to the region. Whether you’re a food connoisseur or just someone with a hearty appetite, Shreveport’s culinary offerings are sure to leave you satisfied and craving more.

gay Shreveport - Shreveport gayborhood - lgbtq Shreveport - moving to lgbtq Shreveport

Does Shreveport Embrace The LGBTQ Community?

Shreveport may surprise many with its LGBTQ-friendly atmosphere despite its conservative reputation. The city has enacted measures to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity.

Support for LGBTQ families is also available through the active local chapter of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). Shreveport is home to organizations like People Acting for Change and Equality (PACE) and the North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, which provide valuable resources and offer entertainment tailored to the LGBTQ community.

As the cultural, educational, and commercial center of the Ark-La-Tex region, where Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas converge, Shreveport shines with a remarkable MEI score of 77, demonstrating its dedication to LGBTQ rights and inclusiveness.

Boasting five colleges and universities, including Louisiana State University – Shreveport, the city presents itself as an attractive destination for LGBTQ individuals seeking higher education and a welcoming community that provides year-round recreational opportunities and a thriving cultural scene.

While finding inclusive places of worship can be a challenge in smaller cities, Shreveport is home to a couple of queer-friendly churches. The Church of the Holy Cross, located in downtown Shreveport, embraces diversity and describes itself as a progressive, gay-affirming, and inclusive urban parish rooted in traditional liturgy.

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church of Shreveport proudly identifies as inclusive and has undergone a special program to ensure a warm welcome for LGBTQ individuals seeking spiritual support.

In summary, Shreveport offers a surprising and welcoming environment for the LGBTQ community, backed by its commitment to equal rights, support organizations, educational opportunities, and inclusive places of worship.

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Is Shreveport An Expensive City To Move To?

The overall cost of housing, food, child care, transportation, health care, taxes, and other essentials for a single adult in Shreveport amounts to approximately $32,400 per year. This is lower than Louisiana’s average annual cost of living, which stands at $35,100, and also below the national average of $38,400.

Housing: The median home value in Shreveport is around $144,800, less than the national median of $204,900. The cost varies depending on the age of the home, with older homes built before 1939 having a median value of $177,400, while newer homes constructed after 2014 have a median value of $343,600.

Renting provides a cost-effective alternative to homeownership in Shreveport, with approximately 47.70% of occupied homes being rented, surpassing the national renter rate of 36.2%. The average monthly rent for a typical renter in Shreveport is roughly $810, higher than the national median of $1,020.

Transportation: Transportation expenses in Shreveport include the cost of gas, public transit, and car maintenance. With 93.40% of commuters driving to work, higher than the national rate of 85.5%, a single person in Shreveport spends around $9,340 per year on transportation, comparable to the national average.

Food and Groceries: A single adult in Shreveport spends an average of $2,980 annually, while a family of four spends around $8,620. In comparison, the average annual food expenditure across Louisiana and the United States is approximately $3,120 and $3,240 for a single adult, respectively, and $9,010 and $9,350 for a family of four.

Healthcare: Healthcare costs in Shreveport are slightly higher than the national average but in line with the state average. For a single adult, average healthcare expenses amount to approximately $4,520 per year, compared to around $4,710 across Louisiana and $4,270 nationwide.

gay Shreveport - Shreveport gayborhood - lgbtq Shreveport - moving to lgbtq Shreveport

The Best Gay Neighborhoods In Shreveport

While modern media may have you believing that the gayborhood is going the way of VHS tapes and flip phones, we’re here to proudly set the record straight – or should we say, queer? Gayborhoods across the USA aren’t fading; they’re flourishing, evolving, and redefining themselves, much like a Madonna reinvention.

These thriving spaces have transitioned from being a stereotypical ‘gay village’ – a Main Street serving predominantly LGBTQ+ clientele – into vibrant cultural archipelagos. They are glittering constellations of queer islands, united by sexuality, gender, and our fabulous straight allies. And just like episodes of ‘Queer as Folk’, cities often boast more than one!

Not every LGBTQ+ individual in Shreveport wants to live amidst the (relative) non-stop hustle and bustle of the downtown area – it’s not all ‘Sex and the City’, after all. Thankfully, much like choosing the right shade of lipstick for an unforgettable night out, you’ve got options.

When deciding where to plant your roots in Shreveport, remember that some neighborhoods are closer to all the glitz and glam of queer events and activities. This insider knowledge means you’ll land right in the heart of a gay-friendly district that fits you like your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

Embark on your journey to a new home in one of the vibrant gay and LGBTQ+ inclusive gayborhoods in Shreveport. Each is as unique as a RuPaul runway look, offering a welcoming atmosphere and amenities that will soon have you saying, “Sashay, I stay!” Take your time to explore the myriad districts of Shreveport, and remember; this city extends its rainbow welcome mat to everyone, queer or not!

Ready to take a deep dive into the fabulous gay enclaves of Shreveport? Let’s get into it! Or, for a more detailed rundown of your best options, speak to a local LGBTQ+ real estate agent. They’ll ensure you find a place that’ll make even the Queer Eye’s Fab Five green with envy!

gay Shreveport - Shreveport gayborhood - lgbtq Shreveport - moving to lgbtq Shreveport


Southgate is located in South Bossier City and offers a convenient and budget-friendly living experience. This neighborhood’s prime location along Barksdale Blvd provides easy access to major city roads like Jimmy Davis Hwy and Arthur Teague Parkway.

Most homes in Southgate were constructed in the 1970s and 1980s and featured modest front and backyards. Residents take pride in their well-maintained homes and beautifully manicured yards, creating a welcoming community atmosphere.

Living in Southgate offers a remarkably convenient lifestyle. Residents can find many shops, restaurants, grocery stores, drug stores, and medical clinics along Barksdale Boulevard. The neighborhood is also close to the Century Link Center and Barksdale Air Force Base. 

For outdoor enthusiasts, the nearby Red River and Lake Bistineau provide opportunities for water activities and enjoying the natural surroundings. Additionally, Southgate benefits from a top-notch school district and the convenience of two state-of-the-art Willis Knighton Medical Centers nearby.

Affordable, peaceful, and pleasant, Southgate is a neighborhood that truly encompasses a comfortable and safe living experience.

Azalea Gardens

Azalea Gardens is an enchanting garden community nestled in Shreveport. This gated and covenant-restricted neighborhood offers residents a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living environment. The homes in Azalea Gardens boast neo-eclectic designs and were primarily built around 2005. 

Residents take great pride in maintaining the beauty of their properties, making this newer community an ideal choice for individuals or families seeking something extra from their neighborhood. Conveniently located within minutes of the University Place and East Gate Shopping Centers, Azalea Gardens provides easy access to shopping, dining, and other amenities. 

Additionally, two renowned medical centers, Willis-Knighton Pierremont and Schumpert Highland Medical Center, are just a short drive away, ensuring quality healthcare services for residents. Azalea Gardens embodies the charm of a well-planned development, offering comfortable living within a gated community.


Bellaire, situated just south of Barksdale Air Force Base, is a highly regarded and affordable neighborhood in Bossier City. Its strategic position along Highway 71/Barksdale Blvd grants convenient access to key city routes such as Jimmy Davis Highway and Arthur Teague Parkway. 

Residents of Bellaire enjoy a sense of security within this well-established neighborhood. The homes, predominantly constructed with brick, showcased their unique charm and were primarily built in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The neighborhood’s well-kept exteriors and manicured yards reflect the pride residents take in their community.

Along Barksdale Boulevard, residents have access to various shops, restaurants, banks, grocery stores, drug stores, and medical clinics. The CenturyLink Center and Barksdale Air Force Base are just a short drive away, while the Louisiana Boardwalk’s shopping and entertainment options are easily accessible to the north. 

Bellaire’s proximity to the Red River and Lake Bistineau appeals to those who enjoy water activities and the outdoors. Additionally, the neighborhood benefits from a highly regarded school system, including Bellaire Elementary and the presence of two state-of-the-art Willis Knighton Medical Centers. Bellaire is an affordable and peaceful neighborhood that offers a desirable living experience.

gay Shreveport - Shreveport gayborhood - lgbtq Shreveport - moving to lgbtq Shreveport

LGBTQ+ Community Organizations In Shreveport

Wherever you decide to hang your glittering disco ball, it’s paramount that you become an advocate for LGBTQ+ organizations in any way you can. These stalwarts are our community’s equivalent of the brave ‘Pose’ House Mothers, relentlessly reaching out and offering support to those in need.

Remember, just as the cast of ‘The L Word’ proved, we are mightier when we unite, and we’ll all face moments akin to our own ‘Brokeback Mountain’ when an extra dose of love and understanding becomes essential.

Shreveport is proud to wave its rainbow flag high, thanks to a vibrant, diverse LGBTQ+ community much like Jodie Foster – not always in the spotlight but continually working behind the scenes to bolster the city’s embrace of all things queer.

Consequently, an array of LGBTQ+ resources has sprung up, poised to serve community members, allies, friends, and families. Think of these as the ‘Gentleman Jack’ of our community, subtly powerful and a beacon of joy when you need it. Feel encouraged to tap into these resources or consider lending your hand to ensure your newfound home continues to sashay forward with pride!

Plus, they provide the perfect backdrop to network, make connections, and discover your fabulous queer crew in Shreveport, ready to rule the city just like the ‘Drag Race’ queens do the runway!


PACE is a nonpartisan organization committed to advancing equality in Northwest Louisiana. Their mission is to create a society where LGBTQ+ individuals can lead open, honest, responsible, and safe lives at home and in the workplace. PACE believes in the power of education and constructive participation in the political process to achieve these goals.

By eliminating discrimination based on various factors, including race, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religious belief, and national origin, PACE aims to enhance the quality of life for all citizens. Through its advocacy efforts, PACE strives to create a more inclusive and accepting community.


QUEERPORT serves as a platform for queer creators in the south, particularly in northwest Louisiana, to share their stories, create commentary on important issues, and document LGBTQ+ history. This organization provides a space for queer creatives to write, blog, upload video content, and contribute to the vibrant queer community in the region.

QUEERPORT aspires to empower queer youth by offering alternative resources and programming, including events and workshops throughout the year. With the vision of becoming an integral part of the future LGBTQIA+ Arts and Resource Center, QUEERPORT aims to establish a hub that fosters creativity, collaboration, and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Forum for Equality

Forum for Equality is Louisiana’s leading LGBTQ human rights organization, dedicated to creating a society free from discrimination and promoting good government. Since 1989, Forum for Equality has been actively advocating for civil rights advancements for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities.

Through community organization, education, and constructive engagement in the political process, Forum for Equality works tirelessly to achieve its goals.

They believe that by promoting understanding, fighting discrimination, and participating in the democratic process, lasting change can be achieved. Forum for Equality plays a vital role in advocating for equality and working towards a more inclusive Louisiana.

LGBT Community

LGBTQ-Owned Businesses In Shreveport

Embracing the radiant vibrancy of our queer community upon setting foot in your new locale, LGBT Shreveport is not just essential—it’s profoundly empowering. It’s about curating an atmosphere where every queer soul can breathe freely, explore avidly, dine heartily, and connect deeply without an ounce of fear, and our LGBT businesses are the indefatigable champions leading this powerful charge.

Nurturing these brave endeavors, no matter where your home is pinned on the map, plays a cardinal role in the sustenance and flourishing of our queer community.

Every time you funnel your resources into local ventures, you’re planting a seed of personal investment into the vibrant tapestry of your new city and community. Such seemingly tiny steps, when taken collectively, have the potency to create ripples of transformative change.

So, come, let’s explore some of the dazzling LGBTQ+-owned stars shining brightly in the cityscape of Shreveport. With every purchase you make, you’re amplifying their voice, endorsing their courage, and infusing your pink dollars with a sense of purpose and pride…

The Library on Fern

The Library on Fern offers refined casual American dining, presenting a delightful array of land, sea, and specialty dishes. With a unique and enticing craft cocktail list, an extensive bourbon selection, and a self-serve beer wall featuring 20 different taps, this establishment provides a truly memorable dining experience.

The menu showcases a variety of American favorites, from mouthwatering treats to classic entrees, all prepared to perfection. The Library on Fern also boasts an expansive tap wall, serving an impressive selection of local craft beers. Whether you’re looking for a delicious meal or a refreshing drink, The Library on Fern will satisfy your cravings.

The Korner Lounge

The Korner Lounge is a local LGBTQ bar that serves as a vibrant hub for the community. It offers a diverse range of weekly events, including exciting drag shows, engaging drag bingo, and various other gay-themed events.

The lively atmosphere and inclusive environment make The Korner Lounge a beloved gathering place for LGBTQ individuals and their allies. It is a space where people can come together, celebrate diversity, and enjoy fantastic entertainment.

Central Station

Central Station is the largest alternative lifestyle bar and nightclub in the Ark-La-Tex region. Embracing individuals from all walks of life, this establishment welcomes everyone to experience its vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

With a diverse range of patrons, Central Station creates a space where people can be themselves, socialize, and enjoy a lively nightlife scene. Whether you identify as LGBTQ or appreciate a place that celebrates diversity, Central Station offers a welcoming environment for all.

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Final Thoughts On Moving To LGBTQ Shreveport

In Shreveport, you don’t just find a community; you find a family. This Southern gem offers an enriching lifestyle that reflects the deep cultural roots and the harmonious blend of traditions that make Louisiana unique.

Living in LGBT Shreveport is about more than just enjoying the vibrant nightlife or thriving arts scene – it’s about becoming part of a movement. A movement where love and acceptance are celebrated, where your unique identity is cherished, and where diversity is not just welcomed but embraced as a vital part of the cultural fabric.

Our hope for you is to find comfort, joy, and empowerment as you step into the colorful world of LGBT Shreveport. Embrace the rhythm of this city, dance to its unique beat, and allow yourself to be drawn into its warm, embracing community.

Explore the bayous, indulge in the rich culinary traditions, join hands with community activists, or simply relax in the tranquil parks. In Shreveport, you’ll find avenues to express yourself, connect with like-minded individuals, and create lasting memories.

Your journey to Shreveport is not just a relocation; it’s an opportunity to join a growing community that stands for inclusivity, understanding, and celebration. So pack your bags and ready your heart; your new adventure in LGBT Shreveport is waiting, and it’s filled with endless possibilities and vibrant colors.

The soul of the South, the warmth of community, and the joy of acceptance await you in Shreveport. There’s no place quite like it, and there’s no better time to make it your home.

gay Shreveport - Shreveport gayborhood - lgbtq Shreveport - moving to lgbtq Shreveport

Finding Gay Realtors In Shreveport

Might you question the significance of a realtor’s sexual orientation when you’re on the quest for your dream home? This might strike you as peculiar initially, but allow me to elucidate why reaching out to a gay realtor in Shreveport could be your ticket to that perfect abode.

Isn’t it reasonable to seek fair, equitable, and honest representation from someone who deeply grasps the unique aspirations and requirements of the queer community, especially while navigating one of life’s most significant transactions?

After all, it’s unfortunate that a considerable segment of our society (up to one-third of Americans) still harbor the misguided belief that our community isn’t worthy of protection and respect in fundamental areas of life, such as housing, employment, adoption, and beyond.

Consequently, it’s not shocking to hear of LGBT individuals who engage with mainstream realtors recounting tales of discomfort, avoidable hurdles, lackluster representation, or even hostility and overt derision.

Everyone is entitled to a joyful, hassle-free experience when buying or selling a home and to have representation that sees them for who they truly are. This is why we champion the idea of engaging a gay realtor to aid you in uncovering the perfect sanctuary you can call home.

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LGBTQ realtors offer a unique edge when it comes to searching for a home—they’re not only knowledgeable about the diverse neighborhoods within their area, but they have an innate understanding of which might align seamlessly with your unique needs.

It doesn’t imply that heterosexual realtors lack proficiency; they haven’t had to confront many of the challenges that the LGBT community frequently encounters. Gay realtors delve deeply into the heart of the neighborhoods where they operate, ensuring their clients’ safety takes precedence over how vibrant, trendy, or on-the-rise an area might be (or is perceived to be).

Not too long ago, finding professional, LGBT-friendly real estate agents in Shreveport was no easy feat—especially if you were moving from another state and lacked a local connection for referrals. Today, however, that’s a concern of the past. A curated list of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly agents in Shreveport is available to shoulder the burden of your search.

All you need to do is visit the designated webpage, and voilà!—a comprehensive, cost-free directory of gay, lesbian, and gay-friendly agents ready to aid your relocation will be at your fingertips.

Also included is a wealth of additional resources, like LGBT+friendly schools, shopping venues, storage companies, tradespeople, and more. Peruse the profiles of the LGBT real estate agents, and choose the one that feels just right for you. It’s paramount to connect with someone who will stand by you, offering unwavering support to you and your family during this exhilarating life event.

And here’s the cherry on top: there’s no hidden agenda, charge, or obligation. Your journey to a new home begins here, championed by the expertise and empathy of a realtor who truly understands your needs.

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