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The 13 Best Trans Women Onlyfans Creators To Follow & What You’ll Get From Them!

The 13 Best Trans Women Onlyfans Creators To Follow & What You’ll Get From Them!

There’s no shame in consuming erotic materials from sources like trans women OnlyFans creators – no matter what anyone thinks. As long as the content was created and disseminated with the full, informed, adult consent of everyone involved, then it’s completely acceptable to purchase them for your viewing – or listening – pleasure.

We hate to start this article on a dark note, but trans women are one of the most endangered demographics in the world. They’re often sidelined in matters of sports, politics, business, and even academics. Many of them have to carve out a niche for themselves, in order to make a living. Even in sex work, an already dangerous field of labor, trans women carry extra risk, because most of their customers approach them with stealth and a sense of shame.

It is not rare for some customers to turn violent and accuse a trans woman in sex work of deceiving them. And in some cases, the law is usually on the side of the trans woman. Even in the adult video industry, many trans women are disempowered in one way or the other. Onlyfans, though not without its demerits, has opened up a whole new avenue for trans women in the porn industry to work independently and earn money for themselves.

With it, trans women onlyfans creators can set their own rates, define the type of content they want to make, and even their frequency of posting. They also have control over who gets to see their content. It’s not a perfect system, but for some, it’s better than everything they’ve ever had.

 Best Trans Women Onlyfans Creators - best trans female onlyfans

On a much lighter note, even fans of trans women creators can have difficulty finding the type of content they want. With creators specializing in their niches and having creative control of their work, it can be so much easier to find creators that make the exact types of videos that turn you on. You also decide how much you have to pay, by choosing the creator you want to subscribe to. And because the subscription fees are monthly, you can easily switch creators if you’ve had enough of one.

There are no downsides to it, except perhaps the costs you’ll incur trying to find that perfect trans women onlyfans creators. If you go into it blind, that is. Of course, if you’ve got someone else to do the choosing for you, to offer you different suggestions and tell you the selling points of each creator and what makes each one of them unique, you’ll find that you’ll be less likely to lose money and more likely to be satisfied with every purchase you make.

The only problem is, where will you find such kind and altruistic people? Just kidding, we’re right here.

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Carta Monir (She/Her)

Onlyfans is pretty much synonymous with online porn video creators, but we have so many other people on there, doing different things. From gardening to art to even sports, you can find all sorts of people on Onlyfans. Why are we telling you all this? Well, Carta Monir is an artist, a photographer, and a small press publisher who also happens to be an adult content creator.

She published a zine called Napkin (Thank You for Having Sex With Carta Monir) where she talks about her daily experiences around sex and sexuality, disability, and dysphoria. It’s also famous for the post-coital postcards littered throughout the issues. She’s a small, but accomplished author, is what we’re trying to say, but you’re probably not here for that. You’re likely wondering how she checks out in the porn department, so how about we start with this: her dick is eight inches in girth.

Now we’ve probably got your attention, we can now tell you that she has tons of solo/couple/threesome content and with no pay-per-view-cont, ever. She’s an active creator, so she’s always uploading new videos. Most things she posts on Onlyfans can only be found there, so you’re surely getting your money’s worth. The subscription for such high-quality videos is just nineteen dollars. You can get as much as 15-20% off, so what are you waiting for?

Autumn Rain (They/she)

Trans women can also be non-binary, and Autumn Rain is a non-binary trans femme who has considerable experience in the porn industry, youthful looks aside. She has a presence on a lot of porn websites, and although she insists that she is not a sub, she is often seen giving blowjobs and getting fucked. Once in a while though, she does the fucking. She is also an alt/goth girl and is famous for her long tongue.

Like a lot of trans women onlyfans creators, Autumn genuinely enjoys what she does. She lives sharing her sex life with people who love her enough to pay money for it. It empowers and excites her, so it’s a win-win situation. She is super nice and encourages fans to talk and chat with her when they can. She also has no tolerance for any racism, sexism, queerphobia, or disrespect of any sort, so leave that baggage at the door.

Her subscription fee is twelve dollars and fifty cents, but she sometimes offers as much as seventy-five dollars off for the first month, so you should take advantage of that offer when you see it. Tip her to keep her happy.

Natalie Mars

Natalie Mars is probably the most famous trans woman porn star alive today. Her glossy brown locks with bangs, aquamarine eyes, and cut-glass cheekbones are instantly recognizable by anyone with even the slightest knowledge of the porn industry. She has been working in the industry since she was quite young, even though she only transitioned when she was thirty.

After she transitioned, she moved to Vegas and began to star in porn. She blew up quickly, and to date has starred in dozens of movies, videos, and compilations. She has also won numerous awards including the 2020 AVN and XBIZ Trans Performer of the Year and the 2022 Fetish Awards Favourite Trans Fetish Performer of the Year. She has a huge fanbase across different platforms. It’s a wonder she decided to join Onlyfans at all. Not only is she on there, but she also posts daily!

She even invites subscribers to chat with her in her DMs. You can also order custom items and videos. And you can do all these for just 15 dollars a month. If you pay for s whole year it comes to half of that. We don’t know if you’re sold, but we sure are.

Sadie Slime

In this house, we support young performers too. After all, everyone has to start from somewhere. So long as you’re over the legal age limit and putting out regular, quality content we don’t really care if you have a hundred fans or a thousand.

Sadie Slime is a 21-year-old trans girl eager to share her sexual life with her subscribers. All her content is available to you once you pay her eight-dollar subscription fee. She does masturbation, Oral, Fleshlight, Anal, POV, and Domme videos, which you can find on her timeline. She also shoots couple videos with fellow creators. Her nudes are a sight to behold.

She puts a lot of effort into dressing up and taking pictures from different angles. Sadie may not be a big-name creator yet, but she’s on the up. She also gives out one month for free if you refer someone successfully.

Nina La Vera

Nina is a trans girl with a whole lot of spunk. This beautiful Brazilian mamì lives life on the wild side, and she wants you along for every breathtaking second of it. Every inch of her oozes sex, from her golden blond hair and a pretty smile to her hot breasts and thick, seven-inch dick. The best part is, she knows what she’s got and doesn’t hesitate to use it.

Her profile is full of videos of her fucking guys in the ass and occasionally being fucked; jerking off her impressive cock; giving and receiving head. She also takes great nudes, making sure that her dick is front and center in her pictures. Her lingerie pictures are sensual and almost make you feel like you’re holding her in your arms.

She’s on Twitter, and there you can find short clips of some of her videos, as well as a whole lot of lingerie pics. The real content, though, is on her Onlyfans, which costs just twenty dollars to access.

Megan Ts Top

We stan a multilingual queen. Imagine watching her custom content with her speaking to you in Spanish, Italian, English, and maybe a little French, though she doesn’t speak it. The very thought has us reaching for our wallets. Meghan is an Independent, sexy, and fun trans female onlyfans creator who also loves to travel.

She encourages subscribers to dream big and reach for their dreams. She is a trans girl top who loves to dominate, so if that’s your type of content, shoot her a message. She is also an anime and comics fan, so her subscribers will have lots to change with her about. She puts out unique, artistic content, and she’s got an archive that’s truly mindboggling: thousands of pictures and videos, all waiting for you to view them for thirteen dollars a month.

You can even pay a month’s subscription during a vacation and run through all of them, though we can almost guarantee that you’ll find yourself pressing that ‘auto-renew’ button.

Karen Cummings

Karen Cummings is another trans adult entertainer based in Las Vegas. She has been in the industry since 1996 and is still going strong. You’ll never be able to guess her age just by looking at her, as this hot MILF is as sexy and youthful as ever. Her soft round ass still looks like it’s begging for a spanking, and she clearly has no problems getting it up.

You can find her content all across the web, and she’s a mainstay on sites like TrannyvideosX, Trans Angels, etc. Her 10-inch cock -yes, it’s been verified – is instantly recognizable by her fans, and most of them troop to her DMs begging to have a taste of it. That may not be possible, but the next best thing is to order a personalized video for ninety-nine dollars.

And if you can’t afford that, you can pay her twenty-dollar monthly subscription fee (you get up to twenty percent off if you pay a year in advance) and enjoy her spicy content. 

Daisy Taylor

This soft, elfin, trans cutie’s account is that rare gem: an established, famous porn star whose subscription fee is under ten dollars. With almost a hundred million views on Pornhub and verified positions on trans adult star lists all over the web, she really has no business charging six dollars for a month’s subscription, or even offering several days free, but let’s just call it an act of charity.

For those who are not satisfied with a regular subscription, she has a VIP club called Daisy Chain. Members receive two free solos and one picture set, the ability to send nudes during sexting, early access to content, and weekly messages of appreciation. If you’re content to remain a regular subscriber, don’t worry about being short-changed. You have access to hundreds of media files, with more being posted daily.

She even has a free Spotify playlist on her page, so you can see the type of music she’s into. Choose between VIP and regular, but the VIP payment is a one-time fee, so choose wisely.

Danni Dolphin

Imagine logging into Onlyfans and going straight to your favorite trans girl’s DM. You send her a nude and have her tell you how big and thick your dick is, and how pretty your pussy is. Then you spend the next thirty minutes telling each other all the naughty things you want to do to each other.

Now imagine having this for just twenty-five dollars. Sounds too good to be true? Well, let’s introduce you to Danni Dolphin.

This gorgeous, glass-wearing geek is into Transformers, Marvel Legends, GI Joe Classified, Video Games and so much more. She even has a YouTube channel where she talks about all her nerdy hobbies. Simply put, she’s a gamer girl’s wet dream who actually exists. Her subscription fee costs just five dollars a month, and she posts cheeky nudes, cosplay, and solo videos on her profile.

She also welcomes tips, so be sure to be extra generous. After all, you wouldn’t want a negative rating, would you? We’re not saying she’d do that, but beat to keep her happy.

Nicky Monet

Nicky Monet is a self-described ‘transgender mind-bender’ who claims to specialize in your every fantasy. She is a hardcore, dominatrix goddess who has no problems with getting personal and exploring your desires.

She is excited for her subscribers to be familiar with her cock and tits, and even says she loves a lot of cum. All you have to do to sign up for her whirlwind adventure is to pay fifteen dollars a month. If your turn ‘rebill’ on you get exclusive content straight to your inbox.

This trans goddess lobes long walks on the beach, world peace, and making content for people to enjoy. In appreciation, she wants you to like the content on her page and of course, leave her big tips.


This cocoa-skinned goddess,’ anthem is Say So by Doja Cat, and it pretty much sums up everything about her: hot, fun, flirty, and packing a punch.

This black Latina trans woman has plans to dominate the game, and God help anyone who stands in her way. She is a model, adult film actress, and LGBTQ/BLABK activist who is passionate about opening doors for queer black and POC creators in the industry.

She creates content with other creators -usually male – like Jonathan Oxford. Most of her videos are usually of her stroking her thick, black, tranny cock to some porn or a pair of musty underwear. She is also a Domme and can be seen dominating sissy boys in a party or orgy.

Her subscription fee is fifteen dollars a month, and you can even buy her stuff from her Amazon wishlist. You can also leave her tips.

TS Nicki Bandz

Nicki is another relatively famous porn star who pegged her subscription fee at ten dollars. She calls herself ‘Your TGirl girlfriend next door’, so maybe she just trying to be generous to us. Whether you’re just looking for someone to talk to, or you have some dirty fantasies you want to explore, Nicki is there for you.

She encourages texts and promises to reply to all her subscribers personally. Let’s not lie, who wouldn’t want s girlfriend like Nicki? She even welcomes suggestions, asking subscribers to tell her what they want to see and what they want to do to her. Her profile is filled with naughty photos and videos of herself.

She also offers custom videos and requests, DMing her is free for her subscribers, and she sends out exclusive videos and photos once or twice. She caters to fetishes and role play, and even makes JOI videos.

Luna Mari

With such a pretty name, you can expect a pretty woman, and we promise you’ll not be disappointed. Her blond hair makes your hands itch to grip it, and while that probably isn’t possible, you can subscribe to her page for five dollars and twenty cents and access her hundreds of photos and pictures.

She makes fetish content for those interested, and you can even order custom videos and photos. You can get a taste of her videos on PornHub to see what she’s all about. She sometimes gives out thirty-day trials free of charge, so you can even view her content without paying, at least for the first month.

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