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The 10 Best Gay Erotica Books You Should Have Read Already By Now!

The 10 Best Gay Erotica Books You Should Have Read Already By Now!

Are you looking for an NSFW gay novel to spice up your day or something fun to read to get your mind off your every-day-life? Gay erotica books have become a thing for the past decade as more and more fan fiction has popped up online of our favorite books, movies and bands, Like Harry Potter, One Direction, and so much more.

There is something for all kinds of readers, from Yaoi readers, BDSM, shapeshifters, HAE, boy meets boy and many tribes that are part of Gay novels nowadays. Consuming erotica novels has always been a thing.

Women and men have written their wildest fantasies, enemies to lovers, Crime romance, steamy and Historical romance. You could always find them in any store with a beautiful book cover about a couple. Short reads perfect for long train roads, holiday vacations or as a night bed story. 

What I enjoy about the best gay erotica books, it portrays MM romance in a way that most shows don’t; they explore sexuality like never before, writers aren’t afraid to showcase their wildest fantasies and sexual desire is written as it should be, without taboos or fear of the cancellation culture. It allows readers to find themselves, to explore even if it is just between the lines. 

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Hundreds of novels make 50 Shades look like a kid’s game. So today, we have gathered some of the best and most popular best gay erotica books that you have to read. Whether you are looking for a fun read while traveling, a bed night story or a gift for someone who enjoys gay erotica books, you have come to the right place. 

Get ready, readers, because we are taking you on a wild journey from ancient times to modern years: dark forests, dim alleys, leather offices, and police cars. Anything is possible in this genre that awakes our wildest desires. 

So turn on the A/C or open a window, pour yourself a glass of wine as we go through the best gay erotica books that will make you feel all sorts of things as you go through a variety of books full of M/M romance, shapeshifters, BDSM and much more. 

Queer Literature

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For ebook lovers, we also recommend Scribd, basically the Netflix for Books and the best and most convenient subscription for online reading. While they have a catalog comprising over half a million books including from many bestselling authors, for some of the books on this list, you'll still have to purchase individually - either as a paperback or eBook to load on your Kindle - due to publishing house restrictions. 

Gay Erotica Books - best Gay Erotica Books - Best Books for Gay Erotica - Books on Gay Erotica

Cut and Run Series by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux

The cut-and-run series is a mystery/romance/ suspense novel following FBI agents Ty Grady and Zane Garret. 

It’s a well-written gay erotica book with driven characters. We have two FBI agents who just got a big case after no one understood the code the killer was sending. They seem to be struggling with their partnership at the beginning of the book, but as we get deeper into the case, we see something there that get’s them closer. 

Yes, we know it. Most police/FBI agents have a good partnership and get along as part of spending most of their time together. But not Ty and Zane; we have a tempered Grady and a focused Garret, so they are not the typical pair, yet they compensate for each other. 

The suspense of the series is steadily dragging readers into the case together with our FBI agents with new reveals and an interesting plot, the beginning might seem a little slow, but it keeps getting better as you keep reading. Eir work relationship doesn’t seem to be the best one. 

We receive the right amount of intimacy between the two leads, keeping it as part of the story, but not like those novels where sex is the only thing going on between our two characters. Hence, it keeps you hooked enough, and the connection and tension between Ty and Grady can be sensed through the pages.

If you are into thrillers and suspense stories with a hint of spice, this is the kind of novel for you. It’s a 9-book series where the relationship develops as they work on different cases in each book, Crash & Burn book number 9. 

Why we love it: Detective into lovers, with interesting cases that keep you hooked until the very end; imagine a Gay scooby doo or perhaps a CSI focused on two gay partners with an undeniable connection. 

Cut and Run Series by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux - Best Gay Erotica Books


Try (Temptation series) by Ella Frank

This is the kind of book that will keep you warm and cozy at night. Logan, our main character or main focus of the story, is a very sexual person, and he has used it to his advantage since a young age, but hey, he doesn’t discriminate against women, and men all come to his bed.

He has the kind of motto we all want to meet someone with, if someone interests you, why not go for it? Well, he is that kind of guy. 

Boy meets boy at a bar, and boy rejects all the attempts from the sex-driven one until something changes how he looks at the other boy.

And that’s how our story changes and takes us on a wild ride of sexual exploration between a man who knows what he wants and one that doesn’t know what he is into until he finally tries it. (See what I did there). 

It’s an interesting book for those starting into the MM romance and erotica. Although the dialog may feel a little cheesy sometimes, it makes up for it with the interaction and intimacy between our two characters. Tate and Logan. 

The sex scenes are well-written and take you there; it does something for every kind of reader. The plot and the connection between the characters are also worth the read. It’s a fun ride, for sure. 

Why we love it: It focuses on exploring our sexual desires and the mere idea of trying something without questioning it too much, so why don’t you try it?

Try (Temptation series) by Ella Frank - Best Gay Erotica Books

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Magpie Lord by KJ Charles

The first of a magical series, the Magpie Lord, is a magical ride for those fantasy fans with an interesting twist. Set in the Victorian era, Lord Crane is exiled to China by his father and returns when his father and brother have died in mysterious ways. A magician is hired to protect Lord Crane and help him understand who and why they want him dead. 

We go through a journey of magic, suspense, romance, and horror. The kind of paranormal story that has all the right elements to keep the readers entertained. The author knows how to immerse readers through the setting. You get to feel that you are walking through Victorian London. 

Stephen, the mage hired to keep Lord Crane alive and help him discover who is behind his brother’s murderer, has his reasons to hate Lord Crane, and although he isn’t your typical hero, he is the kind of hero that Lord Crane needs.  

They go through Lord Crane’s house and past, where we find things about his ancestors while our characters do everything in their control to remain alive with all the magical attacks coming their way. 

Why we love it: It’s a sensual, magical, and quirk story where the need unites two opposite characters for the other paranormal mystery, where magic is portrayed uniquely, and there are great sex scenes. 

Magpie Lord by KJ Charles - Best Gay Erotica Books

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Hot Head (Head series) by Damon Suede

Nothing better than a coming-out story with two steamy firefighters. Griff and Dante are close friends and partners, and when Dante goes bankrupt, his only way of making some extra money to take control of his life is by making gay porn. Griff does anything to help his friend but finds himself in an awkward position regarding Dante’s proposal. 

Set ten years after the 9/11 attack; we see Griff’s devotion to Dante, why he will do anything he can to help or save his friend, and how he fell in love with his best friend, who has no idea of Griff’s feelings. 

Hothead, a gay male website, comes into the picture with Dante’s financial problems, and as he gains more and more fans with his solo performances, he finds the best way to obtain what he needs is with a collab with his best mate Griff. 

The story shows the struggles of both parts and how they soon understand their feelings for each other which felt impossible at first by Dante’s attitude, but this turn of events makes things easier between them—seeing how others are treated by the people surrounding them.

Griff and Dante struggle as they try to keep their family, friends, and career at bay from everything. Seeing how other gay friends are treated by their work companions and other new yorkers. 

The characters are likable, the steamy scenes are well written, and the porn plot gives a different view to the friends-to-lovers tribe, besides we get to see their families and their response to their relationship. 

Why we like it: It’s a different plot, showing how sometimes we do everything for those we love trying to hide how we feel about them. It happens a lot in the community; we try to protect our true feelings by not telling them when we think correspondence is impossible. 

Hot Head (Head series) by Damon Suede - Best Gay Erotica Books

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

Among the living (PsyCop Series) by Jordan Castillo Price

Imagine being a cop who works in the paranormal unit with the ability to speak with the dead. Victor Bayne is a gay medium working in Chicago’s Paranormal Investigation Unit. 

Paired with nonpsychics, Chicago’s paranormal Unit solves all kinds of mysteries that regular units can’t. Between using a drug to stop his psychic abilities and keeping a low profile as Victor isn’t closeted but isn’t out there fully. 

A short but good read, with a world well written and portrayed as we venture through the dark, creepy parts of Chicago. An interesting love interesting between Victor and his partner Jacob starts with a bang, a steamy sex scene, and the story just unfolds itself as we go keep going deeper into this murder case where the murder takes the only way Victor has to speak with the dead, their souls. 

Told from the POV of Victor, a fun and smart character that keeps you invested in the story as the mystery unfolds. Good chemistry between the characters and with secondary characters will leave you wanting more. 

A fun, short paranormal mystery MM erotica book worth reading. 

Why we love it: Not only is it a quirk and with a well-written POV from the main character Victor and this mysterious paranormal romance that will creep you out in some parts, but their connection and the way is written will get you through the end. 

Among the living (PsyCop Series) by Jordan Castillo Price - Best Gay Erotica Books

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Whit Unexpected by Cora Rose 

Everyone has a crush on a straight boy that’s part of being a young gay male with a nonfunctioning gay radar, but a radar set for hot-unavailable straight boys. 

But when Caleb, a straight guy, starts having feelings for his new roommate Whit. At first, Caleb starts to struggle with those new feelings about Whit, someone who isn’t easy to read, a complete mystery. One Calen can’t stop thinking about and want to solve. 

An unexpectedly Sick Caleb brings the boys together, and Whit offers the comfort Caleb needs. It’s an opposite attract situation, a coming out and going with what you feel, as Caleb is a straight party guy and Whit a geek and Straight as far Caleb can tell. 

Caleb’s family gets in the picture, and because of them, the boys are put into a situation where they have to deal with what’s going on in their lives; why is it that Caleb, a straight guy, is attracted to Whit and only Whit? And what’s going on with With that makes him such a hard-to-read person, who doesn’t let people in nor let Caleb even touch him. 

Whit Unexpected is about a boy who has gone through a lot, and when someone who is open and shows you all you need and yet is hard to accept as we sometimes don’t feel worthy of love. We see Caleb falling for him and Whit trying to figure out what he wants and feels for Caleb. 

Why we love it: A realistic love story about someone who doesn’t know why he turns possessive and needy towards a straight guy. And the struggles that sometimes blind us to what’s in front of us. 

Whit Unexpected by Cora Rose - Best Gay Erotica Books

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

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Soul Eater by Lily Mayne 

Soul Eater, one of the best gay erotica books, is the story of a post-apocalyptic world in which a military-controlled monster claims a desolated land for its own, called the Wastes. 

When Danny, a 23-year-old with only six months in the military force, is the only survivor of a unit tasked with capturing and killing Wyn, the soul eater, a ruthless monster that appears every three years and slaughters humans randomly. 

So when Wyn doesn’t kill Danny, he starts to wonder what has intrigued this monster to let him live. An enemy to lover kind of story and an invisible pull that brings the characters together. Hope and love, where there should be known, between a monster with no mortal form and a human who never wanted to be part of the killing monster tribe. 

A captivating love story with detailed and interesting sex scenes between Wyn, an immortal, powerful monster that is somehow funny, and Danny, an optimistic, sweet human boy who gets trapped with the right monster. 

All humans fear Wyn and have a history of killing mercilessly, yet he meets Danny, and we get to see this monster through Danny’s perspective to learn that there is more than what the world knows about him. 

You haven’t read a dystopian novel like this before; sexy, funny, and with a lot of good elements to keep you hooked from the beginning to the end. You aren’t ready for what will happen or how it will happen. 

Although it’s a series, the story between Wyn and Danny only takes part in the first book. The other books are about different sets of monsters and human couples. 

Why we love it: Gay, steamy, quirk, a dystopian story like no other. 

Soul Eater by Lily Mayne - Best Gay Erotica Books

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Initiation: Sex Wizards Book 1 by Alethea Faust

Magic, sex, and a little bit of BDSM. In a world where magic is only for the rich and capable members of the world. Dominai, a forest guide who is not rich, not royal, and not reputable, meets a Wizard who changes his life by telling him his lineage has magic and sends him to the Crux, a magical center in the Kingdom of Streatham. 

This book explores kinks and magic like never before, a fantasy world where magic is taught through different levels of kink, and where everything you ever taught about magic is changed completely, and you are taken to a whole new universe full of lust, love, desire, and trust. 

Here there is no kink-shaming; on the contrary, everything is accepted, and there is a lot of butt game. Explicit sex scenes, gore, and a whole lot of fun. 

If you want to explore your kinks and are not ashamed of finding new ones, this book will show them to you in a unique and funny way, with an evolving story and powers that come from sexual intercourse. Initiation is a book that takes you into a whole new world of magic and kinks. 

The best thing is that it is an informative BDSM book with safe and consensual sexual encounters. It’s easy to read, with well-written scenes and elements that will draw readers from all genres and tribes. 

If you like Magicians, tv shows, or books, this is the kind of book you will love, with sex and magic combined and balanced. You will love everything from the plot, the characters, and all the magic involved. It will blow your mind. Once you start reading it, you won’t be able to stop until you finish. 

Why we love it: It’s LOTR, HP meets gay erotica, Sexual spells, and erotic encounters from a different perspective. Funny characters, and you get to learn about kinks while reading this sexy book. 

Initiation Sex Wizards Book 1 by Alethea Faust - Best Gay Erotica Books

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

Duck! By Kim, Dare 

Shifter stories are a thing, and we all know why is that the details, the sexual encounters, the human-nonhuman love story. It’s like a Twilight but for Gays. And for MM romance/erotica fans. 

Duck! It’s the gay version of the Ugly duckling Ori Jones recently found out he is an avian shifter, and depending on the specie you can shift into comes the rank, so when Ori is told that he is likely to be an ugly little duckling, he falls into the bottom of the hierarchy. 

Power exchange and Dom/Sub kind of story show the relationship between Ori, an orphan that never knew what belonging was. Is sent to work as a servant, where he is abused. Instead of feeling humiliated, Ori finds a purpose by pleasing others, and then he meets his new master, a Hawk avian who sees him being abused and takes him to his newly acquired home. 

A love story between a sub and a dom, a master and his servant; as Ori devotes himself and Raynard, his master sees through that. A wholesome story whit an unexpected ending as Ori returns to his nest and shifts into something no one ever expected. 

Why we love it: It’s a story about submission, love, and embracing who you are no matter what other thinks, even if, in the end, all of them are wrong. 

Duck! By Kim, Dare - Best Gay Erotica Books

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan

Two cowboys meet at the only gay bar in miles. Roe never mixes love and work, but something shifts in him when he sees Travis, his boss. What starts as a one-night thing becomes a hard-to-control kind of encounter.

Exploring their kinks, this is a sexy, BDSM kind of story with interesting characters and a backstory that will help you understand why they act how they do. 

It displays the struggles of a gay man kicked out of his family experience, from finding work, an accepting family and friends, and someone that can fulfill his needs. That’s how he starts to crave Travis’s touch and much more. 

Why we love it: It isn’t just BDSM; it’s much more; we learn about the characters and their lives, a contemporary MM love romance story. 

Explore your desires and indulge in a steamy read with these top-rated gay erotica books.

Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan - Nowhere Ranch by Heidi Cullinan - Best Gay Erotica Books

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

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