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The 10 Best Gay Erotica Novels You Should Have Read Already By Now!

The 10 Best Gay Erotica Novels You Should Have Read Already By Now!

Like our beloved Detective Sherlock Holmes, we like to get to the bottom of obscure situations. But instead of exposing some villains and murderers or Dr. Watson’s bulging secret, our focus is on uncovering hidden treasures in the world of Gay (Male on Male) best gay erotica novels.

These Novels provide a tantalizing escape into steamy and spicy sensual stories, perfect for those seeking a thrilling reading experience.

However, we must issue a Fair warning! Do not attempt to read these novels in public spaces. Otherwise, you might encounter yourself in awkward and embarrassing situations, much like a mystery that’s taken an unexpected turn. Like the ones that demand tissues, but there is no crying involved or a change of wet trousers when there are no rainy clouds around. You get the drill! 

The list of the best gay erotica novels we present to you has been carefully curated based on several criteria. Our goal is to showcase the best of the best in homoerotic novels written by talented authors who understand the complexities and allure of sensual relationships between men.

Gay Erotica Novels - best Gay Erotica Novels - Best Novels for Gay Erotica - Novels on Gay Erotica

We must state that these novels are not ranked or placed in any specific order on the list. We selected these based on their popularity, positive reviews from other readers, and, most importantly, the presence of compelling characters and steamy NSFW scenes that will surely capture your attention.

Whether you prefer physical copies or e-books, you’ll be able to find all of these titles in a format that suits you. You can get them from mainstream providers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but it’s always nice to support the artist directly if possible or get your copy from a local bookstore. 

Each of these novels explores the themes of repressed desire, secrets, and forbidden love between men, delivering an unforgettable reading experience that is both thrilling and sensual and will leave you gasping for air. So, buckle up, take a deep breath, cancel all your plans, and lock yourself in a comfy sofa because this ride is about to get moist. 

Queer Literature

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For ebook lovers, we also recommend Scribd, basically the Netflix for Books and the best and most convenient subscription for online reading. While they have a catalog comprising over half a million books including from many bestselling authors, for some of the books on this list, you'll still have to purchase individually - either as a paperback or eBook to load on your Kindle - due to publishing house restrictions. 

Gay Erotica Novels - best Gay Erotica Novels - Best Novels for Gay Erotica - Novels on Gay Erotica

Him by Satina Bowen & Ellen Kennedy

No. Pages: 365

Genres and subgenres: MM romance, Sports, Homo-Erotic Literature, Jocks, Best friends. College. Straight Friend.

“Him” by Sarina Bowen is a captivating novel that follows the story of Jamie and Ryan, two best friends whose relationship takes a romantic turn. Jamie, a college student, finds himself falling in love with Ryan, a professional hockey player.

Throughout the book, we witness the Rollercoaster that is their relationship as they navigate their feelings for each other and the challenges that come with being in a gay relationship.

The characters in “Him” are incredibly relatable, and the plot is expertly crafted, with well-paced developments and a steady build-up of sexual tension between Jamie and Ryan. The realistic portrayal of the difficulties same-sex couples face adds depth and emotional impact to the story, making the readers feel invested in the outcome of Jamie and Ryan’s relationship.

He is just a filthy bender! Bench HIM! (It’s hockey slang, I promise!)

Some quotes from the book to get you steamy and blushed:

 “My dick and I reached an understanding.” “Yeah? And what’s that?” I ask curiously. He shrugs. “We both like you.”

“I…” He clears his throat. “I’d let you do it, though.” My hand freezes in his hair. “You would?” Wes nods. “I’d let you do anything to me, Canning.

Other spicy books we like by this author: US (Him #2), The year we fell, good boy, Top Secret, and Bitter Sweet.

Him by Satina Bowen & Ellen Kennedy - Best Gay Erotica Novels

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

Broken Pieces by Riley Hart

No. Pages: 339

Genres and subgenres: MM romance, Gay Ménage, Polyamory, Homo-Erotic Literature, Romance, Love, threesome. 

“Broken Pieces” by Riley Hart is the first book in a series and a must-read for fans of MM romance. The book follows the story of three men (Josiah, Mateo, and Tristan) navigating through a complex and dynamic love triangle. The relationship between the three characters is beautifully depicted, and their love for each other is believable and heartwarming.

The book is written in three parts, each focusing on a different stage in developing the relationship between the three men. The first part introduces us to Josiah, an orphan who meets Mateo in a New York foster home. Mateo is a gang member who has had to prove his masculinity through violence, and he becomes Josiah’s protector.

The second part takes place five years later when Josiah meets Tristan while feeding birds on a Dock in San Francisco. Tristan is a prosecutor who has a troubled past and is trying to help his mother, who is agoraphobic. The desire for support, love, and lust brings the three men together as they realize they are better.

The characters in “Broken Pieces” are well-developed and relatable. Josiah, Mateo, and Tristan each have unique personalities and backgrounds, and their interactions with each other are witty and heartwarming. The sexual tension between the characters is profoundly intense, and the love scenes are quite steamy and intimate. 

Who doesn’t like a ménage à trois? C’est magnifique!

Some quotes from the book to get you steamy and blushed:

“No one’s ever looked at me the way you do. Like…I don’t know.” Mateo’s voice was so soft he hardly heard him. But he had, and Josiah’s face flamed with heat. “Sorry. I didn’t mean…” No other words would come, so he started to roll over instead. “No.” Mateo’s voice stopped him. “It makes me feel like I’m something.”

“You always make me get so fuckin’ emotional. I’d get my ass beat if anyone saw me the way I am with you.”

Other spicy books we like by this author: Crossroads, Collide, The Endgame, Boyfriend Goals, and Depth of the Field.

Broken Pieces by Riley Hart - Best Gay Erotica Novels

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

Damaged Like Us by Krista Ritchie & Becca Ritchie

No. Pages: 378

Genres and subgenres: MM romance, Forbidden Love, Bodyguard, Homo-Erotic Literature, Romance, Boss/Employee, Age Gap, Power Play.

“Damaged Like Us” by Krista and Becca Ritchie is a steamy romance novel that brings together two very different characters, Maximoff Hale and Farrow Keene. Maximoff, a celebrity in his own right, is a young alpha billionaire with a big personality. He was born into one of the most famous families in the country, and his celebrity status began at birth.

He’s often described as a force of nature and someone who can handle anything life throws his way. One quote from the book that encapsulates Maximoff’s spirit reads: “Maximoff Hale is a ship unwilling to be steered. Headstrong, resilient, and wholly responsible, the twenty-two-year-old alpha billionaire can handle his unconventional life.”

On the other hand, Farrow Keene is a bodyguard assigned to protect Maximoff. He’s known for his rough exterior, with tattoos and MMA training, but also has a sophisticated side, having graduated from Yale. When he’s tasked with protecting Maximoff, he finds it difficult to resist the billionaire’s charm, and they soon develop feelings for each other.

The novel highlights the theme of love and its ability to develop in the unlikeliest circumstances. Maximoff and Farrow are two characters who have very different backgrounds, but their love for each other transcends all differences. The novel also explores themes of trust, responsibility, and the consequences of taking a chance on love. 

Don’t date your Bodyguard! Well, maybe just a little… 

Some quotes from the book to get you steamy and blushed:

“He tries to open his mouth for air. If I could give him mine, I would.”

“He’s my bodyguard – that’s not changing. It’s not. But I can’t even think about anyone else. He hasn’t just pitched a tent in my brain and dick. He’s built a fucking stone castle.”

Other spicy books we like by this author: The like us series (Lovers Like us, Alphas Like us, Tangled Like us), 

Damaged Like Us by Krista Ritchie & Becca Ritchie - Best Gay Erotica Novels

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

You & Me by Tal Bauer

No. Pages: 382

Genres and subgenres: MM romance, Forbidden Love, Bi-Awakening, Dads, Homo-Erotic Literature, Romance, Sexual Discovery.

“You and Me” by Tal Bauer is a heartwarming novel that explores the father-son relationship between Luke and Emmett and the romantic relationship between Luke and Landon. The author’s writing style is highly descriptive, flows smoothly, and transports the reader into the fictional world.

The author has also portrayed Luke’s awakening to his sexual desires and the development of his relationship with Landon realistically and beautifully. The author’s writing style is a mix of showing and telling the reader, making it easy to believe in the feelings and emotions of the characters.

One of the standout moments in the book is the friendship that develops between Luke and Landon, two 40-year-old single dads who know how to communicate. The way Luke’s feelings develop for Landon is gradual and natural, and the friendship between the two men is beautiful and heartwarming.

Daddy? Sorry, Daddy? Sorry, Daddy?

Some quotes from the book to get you steamy and blushed:

“He was the easiest person to be around that I’d ever met. He’d burrowed into my life and set himself up like he had always been a part of my world. We were a puzzle made of two pieces, and when we fit together, all the sharp edges of life seemed squared off, blunted.”

Other spicy books we like by this author: Gravity, Enemies of the states, The Jock, The Murder Between Us and Secret Service. 

You & Me by Tal Bauer - Best Gay Erotica Novels

eBook | Physical

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Don’t you dare by C.E. Ricci 

No. Pages: 379

Genres and subgenres: MM romance, College, Sports, Friends to Lovers, Bi-Awakening, Homo-Erotic Literature, Sexual Discovery.

“Don’t You Dare” by C.E. Ricci is a heartwarming and steamy romance novel that tells the story of two best friends, Aspen and Keene, and their journey from friendship to love. The story begins with a dare that leads to a kiss between the two friends and sets off a chain of events that leads to their relationship evolving into something more.

The book is masterfully written by C.E. Ricci, who is known for her ability to balance a complex love story with characters that have a deep connection and affection for one another. The relationship between Aspen and Keene is filled with questions as Keene navigates his changing feelings for his best friend.

Aspen decides to help Keene through this process, leading to a new dynamic between the two and steamy encounters that readers will enjoy following.

Keene is depicted as an easy-going guy who loves life and plays college baseball, while Aspen is more closed off to the world but open to Keene. As the story unfolds, readers will follow their journey as they navigate their changing feelings for each other and offer up parts of themselves that they never thought they would.

Don’t you dare… Skip this book.  Pun intended!

Some quotes from the book to get you steamy and blushed:

“I don’t get to finish, though, because his lips are already pressed against mine. My heart skips in my chest at the first brush, the contact electric, coiling my stomach in knots.”

Other spicy books we like by this author: Iced Out, Follow the River, Head Above Water and After Rain Falls.

Don’t you dare by C.E. Ricci - Best Gay Erotica Novels

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

Roommate Arrangement by Saxon James

No. Pages: 288

Genres and subgenres: MM romance, College, Sports, Friends to Lovers, Roommates, Homo-Erotic Literature, Sexual Discovery, Older men, Slow Burn.

“Roommate Arrangement” by Saxon James is the first book in the new series “Divorced Men’s Club”. The book revolves around two main characters – Payne Walker and Beau Rickshaw. Payne is a forty-year-old man who has recently been through a divorce, is homeless and is jobless.

In desperate need of a place to stay, he accepts Beau’s offer of a spare room in exchange for household duties such as cleaning and cooking. Beau is a successful fantasy author who is also searching for a roommate. He offers Payne a place to stay and asks for his help in becoming more date-able.

The book is filled with humor, love, lust and heartwarming moments as these two characters navigate their feelings and insecurities. Payne, who is trying to come to terms with his new life, is drawn to Beau’s quirks and finds comfort in how Beau accepts him.

On the other hand, Beau, who has been in love with Payne since they were kids, tries to rationalize his feelings and find flaws in Payne to get over his long-time crush. However, the longer they stay together, the more they become in tune with each other and their feelings become more intense. The banter between Payne and the Divorced Men’s Club members adds an extra layer of humor to the story.

The book is a delightful, low-angst, sexy, romantic read that will leave you swooning and wanting more. The growing connection between Payne and Beau, as well as the real-life issues they face, makes for an endearing and wonderful story.

Two best friends in a room, they might kiss…

Some quotes from the book to get you steamy and blushed:

“I’d rather wow him with my exceptional bl*w job skills.”

“The thing about loving someone is – you don’t get to do it with conditions attached.”

Other spicy books we like by this author: Frat Wars, Just Friends and The Dating Disaster.

Roommate Arrangement by Saxon James - Best Gay Erotica Novels

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

Distorted by Nyla K.

No. Pages: 460

Genres and subgenres: MM romance, Prison, BDSM, Powerplay, Dark, Homo-Erotic Literature.

“Distorted” by Nyla K. is a very dark, M/M romance novel set in the Alabaster Penitentiary, a prison where they send those they believe are unredeemable.

The main character, Dash, is a bank robber who is sent to the Alabaster Penitentiary, a place known to be the worst prison in the country and where prisoners are sent to rot with no hope of redemption. It is here that Dash meets Officer Kemper, a possessive alpha male prison guard who challenges Dash’s beliefs and makes him re-assess everything he knows about himself.

The novel is known for its complex characters, unique story, and amazing sex scenes. It’s labeled as a dark romance, and it’s highly recommended to go in blind without any preconceptions. The author has done a great job in writing this book with a lot of detail and thought put into it. The book is trippy, twisty, dark, and sexy. 

Throughout the book, readers will be transported to a world filled with darkness and despair but also with friendships and relationships that will keep them captivated until the very end. There are no rules in Alabaster Penitentiary, and the guards hold all the power, doling out privileges for favors. The book is filled with hot and steamy scenes, including sex scenes described as “underwear-melting.”

This tale has a somber tone and may be particularly intense for some individuals. Please be cautious when reading, and if you are prone to be triggered, it is best to avoid it. 

Otherwise, you are in for a Distorted Treat!

Some quotes from the book to get you steamy and blushed:

“I… I have trouble getting it to go down. Especially in stressful situations,” he mutters, giving me a guilty look. I swear to God, this kid is going to be the death of me. There’s something about his issues that just turns me the fuck on. He’s completely naked in front of me, shivering because he’s worried and it’s goddamn cold in here, just like I told him it would be, and his dick is hardening, his cheeks still fucking pink, lips all soft and pouty. I can’t take it.”

Other spicy books we like by this author: Push, To Burn in Brutal Rapture, Double-Edged, Joyless and Brainwashed.

Distorted by Nyla K. - Best Gay Erotica Novels

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

Can’t Say Goodbye by Eden Finley

No. Pages: 330

Genres and subgenres: MM romance, Military, Navy, Polyamory, threesome, Homo-Erotic Literature, ménage à trois.

“Can’t Say Goodbye” is a romantic homo-erotic novel by author Eden Finley. The story revolves around three main characters: Brady Talon, Guy Kitchener, and Jimmy Prescott. Brady is a university student, while Guy and Jimmy are Navy SEALs and best friends. They form a unique relationship and engage in a polyamorous relationship with Brady, who they bring home as a “toy”. 

However, as time passes, Guy develops feelings for Jimmy but decides to leave their SEAL team and take a desk job to avoid ruining their friendship. As the three men’s careers and obligations keep them apart, tragedy strikes when Jimmy goes missing during a Navy training exercise. 

This novel explores their emotional and romantic journey, showcasing their strong chemistry and sensual interactions as they navigate love and loss. The sexual chemistry between the three is amazingly steamy and intensely passionate, and their emotional moments are beautiful and powerful. 

Bye, B*tch!

Some quotes from the book to get you steamy and blushed:

“I reach for Brady’s hand so we’re all connected. “It’s as if the universe made you specifically to fit with us. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect partner.”

“It’s like we’re a jigsaw, and you were our missing piece,” Prescott says.

Other spicy books we like by this author: Are fake out, Trick Play, Power Plays & Straight A’s and Egotistical Puck Boy,

And just like that! We did it! We uncovered some of the Top Gay Erotica Novels. As Sherlock would’ve said: It is our business to know what other people don’t know. But now you know these steamy titles for that sensual reading time out you need to relax and unwind.

This is just the beginning; there are many more best gay erotica novels we can uncover; thank God we have a very delicious, juicy, and big… TASTE for this! Until the next read!

Can’t Say Goodbye by Eden Finley - Best Gay Erotica Novels

eBook | Physical | Audiobook

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