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Gay Douching 101: A Beginner’s Guide To Being Fresh & Ready!

Gay Douching 101: A Beginner’s Guide To Being Fresh & Ready!

Sex is, without doubt, one of the most enjoyable things on Earth, but it also comes with risks, especially if it involves penetrating rear honey pots. So as gay guys, we often ask ourselves, “how do I keep my ass hole clean and fresh?”.

Douching is not a recent method of cleaning out the anus, but some people shy away from it because of the risks involved or, funnily enough, certain people still think it is for babies alone. When having gay anal sex, it is absolutely normal to worry about the whole poop thing.

Now, since we do not want you obsessing over leaving your partner’s bedsheets fresh, I am going to let you in on everything you need to know about douching. 

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What Is Gay Douching?

Douching basically involves rinsing the rectum out with water with the intent of cleaning it. It can be carried out with water or a mixture of fluids. Sounds familiar, right? That is because it is the same thing as Enema. Enema is a more popular name.

What Is A Douching Kit, And When Should I Use It?

Douching kits come in various styles and sizes. A douching kit can be a bulb, bag or bottle which you can fill with water or an enema solution to clean your derriere. Douching kits can help you feel very confident during sex. There is no argument about how feeling clean and fresh can make sex more enjoyable. Now, the issue of using a douching kit relies completely on you. It is your choice to give your rectum a rinse. It totally depends on how well you know your body, especially your digestive system.

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How Does Gay Douching Work? 

When gay dudes choose to douche, it boils down to one factor. The desire to stay clean and fresh during sex. Your peace of mind is more guaranteed when you know you are not going to leave your partner’s bed messy with poop. The last thing any gay dude wants is for poop to make a surprise appearance during sex.

Asides from killing the hot steaming mood, it is going to leave your partner’s bed looking like a crime scene, so you see why douching is not a bad idea. Douching provides deeper cleaning, so there is the least chance of having a leaking honey pot as is possible during deep penetrative sex. Douching is a very interesting activity and one I can say I enjoy doing. Here is how to douche like a pro;

Firstly, you need to get your butt ready. Find a comfortable place like your bathroom, and choose a comfortable position. You could even tease yourself a little to make sure you are ready. If you need to play sensual music to relax, you are free. This is a joke since you are douching, not going off to war, but if you need to do that to relax, then you have my complete support!

Get your douche kit ready. You can choose whatever kit suits you. I recommend the Ergolo Impulse Anal Douche. You can rinse out the douche with soap and water to make sure it is clean so as to avoid the spread of bacteria. Once you are sure it is dry, put lukewarm water into it. It is advisable to use lukewarm water instead of hot water to avoid scalding your asshole, burning your skin or causing damage to the mucosal lining. If you are using an enema mixture, make sure to follow the mixing procedure on the package. 

Lubricate the tip of the douche properly to make the insertion easier. As you know, the asshole does not have any natural wetness, so feel free to be generous with your lube.

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Apply more lube! Yeah, I know I said so before but do not be stingy with that lube. Rub it around your asshole generously. In fact, you can dip a finger into your butt to make sure it is ready to receive the douching bulb, bottle or bag.

Find a position that you are comfortable in. The most important thing is being able to reach your anus without stress. If you are doing it in your bathroom, you might want to stand in the shower or stand by either side of your toilet where the contents of the douche or your rectum would not make a mess. You can also stand over the toilet, in a tub or on a shower bench. Standing with one of your legs raised is a very easy position. 

Gently place the tip of the douche on your asshole. Insert it slowly and gradually. There is a style I use for easier insertion, which I am feeling generous enough to share with you. Take a deep breath, then place the nozzle at your entrance; breathe out slowly while inserting it into your rectum. Once the tip is in, you can squeeze the douche bag, bottle or bulb to empty its content into your rectum.

Now, you would not want to cause damage to yourself, and it is better not to release the whole content of the douche at once. Hold the liquid inside you for 10 seconds before letting it out. Continue this process until you are sure the water running out of you is clean, or you might just want to empty the douche bulb or bottle. 

Clean up after you are done. Take a shower after douching. Some people like to wait for an hour before taking a shower, but that is completely up to you. It is also important to clean your douching kit. It is better to wash it with mild soap and water. Then you can leave it to dry. You should give your tub, shower or toilet a good rinsing to make sure there isn’t poop hiding anywhere. 

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You might be having trouble figuring out the best douching kit to buy. You should not feel ignorant, as there are tons of douching kits out there. Since they come in different styles, choosing a kit you like would depend on the method involved in using it and its size.

Basically, you should choose what you can handle. Now, to save yourself the stress of raking your head, below are different vessels that are sure to give your asshole a good cleaning.

  • Enema bulbs. This is a reusable rubber bulb. It usually comes with a nozzle on its tip. This makes it easily enter into your rectum. It is commonly called a douche bulb. You can fill it with water or whatever enema solution you like. It is important to know that some enema bulbs are made out of hard rubber, which can be very uncomfortable for the butt. It is better to buy the ones made out of flexible rubber; they are more butt friendly. Enema bulbs are easy to find. You can get them in sex shops.
  • Enema bags. These are very similar to water bottles. They are sold in drug stores or sex shops. They are normally sold as part of a douching kit. They are easy to use. You just have to fill it with your desired liquid, insert its nozzle into you and then squeeze away. Some even come with hooks so you can hang and allow your fingers to rest. As wonderful as it sounds, it has its downsides; it can hold more liquid than is necessary for your body, so there is a chance you might release too much solution into your body at once. Enema bags can be bought online as well.
  • Shower enemas. This comes as a hose attachment to your shower. They are detachable and easy to use. You do not have to put the nozzle inside your asshole; your rectum would still get a good wash by holding it to your opening. But it is quite dangerous as the water temperature, and pressure can be a bit too much. Burning your insides is a big possibility. 
  • Fleet enemas. This is one of the best options when considering your safety. They are very easy to use, and their nozzle tips are pre-lubricated. It comes with instructions. You are sure to have a wonderful douching experience if you follow them. You can buy get Fleet enemas online or in a drugstore. 
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Is Gay Douching Safe? 

This is a bugging question in the mind of every douching novice. It is going to be unfair to say douching is 100 percent safe, but what you use and how often you douche matters. There has been research in the past into gay safe sex practices stating that douching creates a greater risk of HIV and other STI infections. The ingredients used in douching create a high chance of infections and rectal tissue damage. There are also important factors to consider before douching.

There are certain people who douching is not good for. Health conditions are very important in the act of douching. For instance, if you have hemorrhoids or anal fissures, douching might not be a great idea. Inserting nozzles into your ass with this kind of condition is likely going to cause injury and pain. If you have digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), or constipation, rinsing out is not so outrageous.

Another important fact to know is that some enema mixtures contain elements that don’t go down well with your body. For instance, some store-bought enema solutions involve stimulant laxatives, like bisacodyl, that trigger intestinal contractions to make stool move easily through your bowel. It saddens me to tell you that laxatives cause very non-sexy side effects like farting, cramping and diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration. 

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When Is Gay Douching Necessary?

There isn’t a stipulated time for douching, so you can do it whenever you like. However, you should allow long intervals in between douching. Doing it frequently can cause damage to the body. You can risk damaging your anus and intestinal lining, even when you take all the necessary steps and douche properly. Your body’s natural elimination rhythm can be disrupted, and the balance of electrolytes in your body can be disturbed as well.

It can also increase the potential for tears in your honey pot which can also increase the risk of transmission of infections. So you should never douche according to your mood. The ideal time for you to douche is two to three times per week and certainly not more than once on the same day. 

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Do I Really Have To Douche?

This might come as a shocker. As much as you are wishing the answer to be yes, the answer is no. You really do not have to douche. The rectum is a very wonderful thing aside from providing undeniable pleasure; it is designed to keep poop high until it is time for them to actually come out. I mean, your poop can only come out when it is time for a bowel movement.

I know poop bringing out its ugly head during sex can kill the mood, but gay douching really is not necessary – and some health professionals actively recommend against it. A good bath or wash can handle any stragglers. This should not discourage you from douching, though.

No one has the power over your derriere other than you, so if you want to douche, nothing should stop you. 

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Where Can I Get A Gay Douching Kit?

Douching kits are not so hard to find, but I am sure you do not want to buy fakes or, worse still, a kit that would damage that wonderful behind. Here is a list of places where you can get wonderful and effective douching kits.

  • Sex shops. These shops are not only established to provide dildos and costumes. You can get good douching bags or bulbs in sex shops. They are not so hard to find as there are tons of them all over the city.
  • Drug stores. I am sensing you are surprised but don’t be. Yes! You can get enema bags at the same place you get your aspirin. There are local drug stores everywhere, so you should get that douching kit today.
  • Online stores. Vendors online are a wonderful plug for reliable douching kits. You can purchase any douching kit you fancy from the comfort of your bedroom. One big advantage of buying online is that you have a lot of products to choose from. Amazon is an amazing place to find effective douche kits though, as I said earlier, I prefer the Ergolo Impulse Anal Douche.
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