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Where to Celebrate Your Next Gay Bachelor / Lesbian Bachelorette Party in NYC!

Where to Celebrate Your Next Gay Bachelor / Lesbian Bachelorette Party in NYC!

Visiting NYC can be quite daunting, especially when there are so many options to celebrate your bachelor / bachelorette party. The city that never sleeps is also one of the most accepting cities in the world, home to one of the largest parades – NYC Pride.

However, if you are visiting New York City and don’t know where to go before you tie the knot, we’ve compiled a list of amazing places for you to visit. Whether those in your group are wild or shy, it does not matter. There is something for everyone and the special bachelor / bachelorette will have an amazing time.

Remember that NYC has a lot of options and lot of different areas. You’ve got the swanky clubs in SoHo to hole in the wall dive bars in Hell’s Kitchen. There are an endless number of options but please remember, safety first. Crime is not NYC’s strong suit (neither are the Jets) but overall the city is a safe place to be. Enjoy the food, night life and everything else that the Big Apple has to offer because it truly is a wonderful place to celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Where to Celebrate Your Next Gay Bachelor / Lesbian Bachelorette Party in NYC!
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Stonewall Inn

We start things off with the famous Stonewall Inn. Located in Greenwich Village, Stonewall Inn is right in the heart of all the action. There are tons of restaurants and places to eat nearby. New York University is not too far away so don’t be surprised to see college students walking by. However the bar is famous for the Stonewall riots of 1969 and continues to be a centerpiece in Manhattan today.

The reviews online are amazing, the drinks are strong and the atmosphere is warm and friendly. You’ll definitely be dancing the night away as you celebrate your last night of freedom before tying the knot. Stonewall Inn is definitely a major piece of LGBTQ+ history and still a fun bar with a lot of amazing people.

The original Stonewall Inn was actually located downtown and went out of business shortly after the Stonewall riots of 1969. It reopened in 1987 and moved to its current location in 2006 where people from all over the world can come and party and feel accepted. Remember to get some delicious pizza in Greenwich Village after a night of partying.

StoneWall Inn - Stonewall Inn

House of Yes

Located in Brooklyn, House of Yes is one of the most popular nightclubs in New York City. It opened in 2015 and has been an attraction for the straight and LBGTQ+ community. They host different theme nights of famous people including Beyonce, Britney, Lady Gaga and many other impersonators.

Initially, the House of Yes was actually a circus theatre and creative event space. They hosted aerial classes, special events and circus performances. The first House of Yes actually burned down in 2008 but was reinvigorated in a nearby location. The original owners had to rebuild everything from the ground up and in 2015 it was finally opened as a new club.

House of Yes definitely has a circus theatre vibe to it. The dance floor can get packed pretty quickly but its so much fun that you won’t even notice. The staff is very accommodating and friendly. The atmosphere is very accepting, you can pretty much wear whatever you want and nobody would bat an eye. Overall it is definitely of the most popular places in New York City when people come to visit. It is also very popular amongst bachelor and bachelorette parties so don’t hesitate!

House of Yes

The Box

The Box is one of the most interesting nightclubs in NYC. A mixture of adult and burlesque, the Box offers a variety and sometimes shocking performances. It is difficult to get into the Box without reserving tickets or ordering bottle service but it’s definitely a unique experience. Once you get there you will still probably have to wait in line for about 30 minutes.

The dress code is definitely upscale, no sneakers, hats, etc. The décor is that of classical French architecture so you feel like you are in a burlesque cabaret club from years ago. There is a dance floor and there is plenty of room for dancing but during shows they move tables closer to the stage.

The Box is not for the feint of heart. Some of the acts involve naked dancers and even vulgar and obscene performances. There is so much going on in the Box that you may leave with a loss for words. Some of the shows do not involve anything sexual though. They do host musicians and indie performers. You may even spot a celebrity or two here.


One of the longest running drag shows in NYC, Lips is definitely an amazing place to celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette party. The drags are definitely not shy and will embarrass you so don’t be so sensitive! It’s always a fun time with the drags so make sure you book your tickets early. They offer multiple shows on the weekends including brunch.

The food at Lips is also delicious so don’t hesitate to order. The drinks are also very strong so you may want to take it easy on the pregame. It’s definitely a good idea to bring lots of dollar bills because the host and the dancers do interact with the audience. The wilder you get the crazier they get. They also do karaoke sessions on stage so it’s a fun time to remember.

You’ll be laughing out loud all night because all of the drags at Lips are quick witted and hilarious. Their shows last about 2 hours long and at the end you get a chance to take photos with the drags. It is definitely one of the staples in NYC when it comes to celebrating bachelor / bachelorette parties.

Where to Celebrate Your Next Gay Bachelor / Lesbian Bachelorette Party in NYC!

Mango’s Male Strip Club

Although they’re a male strip club for women, Mango’s is one of the most accepting male revues in NYC. They offer table packages where the lucky bachelor / bachelorette can sit right up close to the stage. The male strippers are usually quite friendly and accepting, although they may not allow you to touch. It may get a little bit wild and crazy in there with all of the women throwing dollar bills around.

Lap dances start at about $20, although some dancers charge more and some charge less. There is no full-frontal nudity in the show but there is enough going on that you won’t be disappointed. They have something called the hot-seat where the bring the bachelorette up on stage to become a part of the show. Remember to reserve your tickets early because once they sell out, they can no longer accommodate additional seating.

A VIP Table for 5 starts at $275 and come with a bottle of champagne, seating for 5 people, and a hot-seat. It’s definitely a good idea to come with a stack of dollar bills to make it rain as these male strippers work hard all night long. You won’t be disappointed!

Broadway Shows

For something a little more laid back than nightclubs, New York City offers the best Broadway shows in the world. With shows such as Wicked, Harry Potter, Lion King, there is definitely something for everyone. It is important to reserve Broadway show tickets early as they usually sell out quick. The lines are usually quite long as well, even when you have pre-purchased your tickets in advance. Tickets can get quite expensive to if you are planning early, be on the lookout for deals! Nonetheless, Broadway shows in NYC offer a wonderful, fun and classy way to celebrate any bachelor or bachelorette party.

NYC offers a wide variety of options for gay bachelor / lesbian bachelorette parties. There is something for everyone. Regardless of whether you are laid back or wild or just want to relax, the Big Apple has something for you. Remember to plan your trip early, be safe, and enjoy your visit!

Where to Celebrate Your Next Gay Bachelor / Lesbian Bachelorette Party in NYC!