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The 16 Best Gay Fantasy Books You Should Have Read Already By Now!

The 16 Best Gay Fantasy Books You Should Have Read Already By Now!

It’s a well-known fact that queer fiction and fantasy go hand in hand. After all, one of the LGBTQ community’s greatest strengths is its top-shelf artistic ability. The sheer amount of queer writing and creative content out there is a firm statement of how varied, colorful, and capable the community is. I mean, just sorting through the best gay fantasy books is almost impossible.

Another contributing factor to the prominence of queer fantasy fiction is the pick up of Young Adult writing and the typical genres that come with it. YA books are an excellent ground of growth for queer topics, and that bridges wonderfully into the world of fantasy.

Magic, grand escapes to distant worlds, and having the power to change seemingly impossible situations are all skills that most queer wish they had or things they wish would happen to them, which is more than understandable.

The genre of Fantasy isn’t limited just to wands, great otherworldly battles, or elves and dwarves, however. There are countless subgenres and archetypes within fiction writing, many of which have incredibly distinct styles that set them far apart from all competition.

Gay Fantasy Books - Best Gay Fantasy Books - Best Books for Gay Fantasy - Books on Gay Fantasy

The differences between The Lord of the Rings and Gothic-style fantasy works like the morally questionable Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu. It’s all fantasy, but – just like people – no two individual specimens are the same.

We must appreciate all the different genres that literature has to offer with equal measure, even if they aren’t to one’s taste. It’s how an art form evolves and how new high points present themselves.

After all, the genre of fantasy as a whole is one of the newest if one doesn’t consider classical mythology and religious writings as making up part – which is honestly fair considering how different this niche is from those around it.

If it had not been for Tolkien’s success and that of those after him, perhaps most of the fantasy worlds we see as commonplace would never have come to be. Superstition and the supernatural may have faded from relevance forever, and just about every creative industry would be nothing like it is today.

So, with that said, let us don our wizard hats, prepare our spells, and get ready to dive through the portal of fantasy and wonder with our top ten gay fantasy books!

My lover, then, wanted to spend much of her life asleep. She had no ostensible reaction to the city’s sudden depletion of all its fresh apples and no hope for them. In a world where a person’s tastes revolve around the kind of sleep she gets, I could not find four people who cared. I thought that if I could find those four people we could really do something.

A few of my friends pretended they were chosen. A few neighbors felt bad and made offers. My mother called to console me. My lover—in actuality, the closest person to being a member of the encumbered troop, slept next to me.

From Proportion Surviving by Renee Gladman
Queer Literature

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Gay Fantasy Books - Best Gay Fantasy Books - Best Books for Gay Fantasy - Books on Gay Fantasy

The Magpie Lord by K.J. Charles

Starting the list strong with some powerful historical fiction that picks up in all the right areas and fails to miss a single beat, The Magpie Lord is the story of Lucien Vaudrey – a social exile from England brought back to his accursed homeland by a call for help – a call that he answers, albeit reluctantly and with a lot of grudges and planned revenge stored under his belt.

In need of assistance is Lord Crane – fresh to his seat and placed in that position by the untimely deaths of his father and brother.

He never expected to be a lord – or at least any time soon – but now he’s been left with both a bucketload of responsibilities and a good guestbook full of enemies who all want his head, his position or to use his authority to their ends. He needs Vaudrey’s experience on his side and fast. 

Among the Crane family’s list of critics is the magician Stephen Day – a man with a reason to hate the Lord’s Crane, both new and old stronger than most. But things aren’t exactly easy for him in the meantime, either, as things start to fall apart, and he loses his heart to the worst person at the worst time.

What follows is a tale rich with intrigue, romance, and danger, all meted out in equal measure. The Magpie Lord’s cast of characters is diverse and well-fleshed-out, leaving every level of their interpersonal conflicts feeling real and electric. 

The Magpie Lord by K.J. Charles

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The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulos

In a town where magic users are hatred, Sam, Delia, and James are part of the school’s magic club. In senior year Sam noticed he has a fling with James, who also finds himself involved with some magickers putting all of them at risk. And their group that once was united by their love of magic is threatened by the same thing that united them. 

The Fascinators is the kind of book that stands out from the crowd. It is a captivating story of magic, friendship, and self-discovery that has won over readers and critics alike. With its unique blend of LGBTQ+ themes, thrilling plot twists, and lovable characters, it’s no wonder why The Fascinators has become one of the most popular books on Goodreads.

It is an entertaining read for both young adults and adults alike. This book will not only leave you in awe but will also make you think about life differently. Whether you are looking for an exciting read or want to explore a new world, The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulos is the perfect choice for your bookshelf!

Why we love it: It’s hard to stop reading; it is magical in every way possible and the kind of book that transports you into another realm. 

The Fascinators by Andrew Eliopulos - best Gay Fantasy Books

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Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale

Topping off a work of strong fantasy with an excellent steampunk twist, Wicked Gentleman is written by Ginn Hale, who is also responsible for ‘Lord of the White Hell’, which takes up a spot of pride later on this list.

While that book is somewhat more conventional in the sense of what makes up a sword and sorcery novel, Wicked Gentleman takes on shades of darkness and gritty conflict in strides. The result is a gripping tale unlike any other and a definite star of the genre.

The story’s two main characters are Belimai Sykes and Captain William Harper. Belimai is a pseudo-human with a dark ancestry and an even darker past, while Harper is a law enforcement priest with many enemies – enemies that have him up against the wall in the wake of a blitz of gristly murders.

Also, Harper’s sister is missing, and the string of trouble is only growing longer. Only Belimai can clean the Captain’s hands from the strength of guilt over his head, but that is easier said than done. Mr. Sykes isn’t exactly known as a man of a clean reputation, and, above all, he does not work for free.

Layered well with dramatic, atmospheric writing that builds up the scene with a perfect sense of timing, the Wicked Gentleman’s shift from crime to romance is subtle but never unsatisfying, leaving the reader ever wanting more and yet simultaneously expecting everything to go wrong at the very next corner.

Wicked Gentlemen by Ginn Hale - Best Gay Fantasy Books

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A Mark on My Soul by Jordon Greene

Some people can hold secrets and sleep with them under their pillow to no harm. Others, however, find that even the slightest concealed facts eat them up from the inside and leave them itching to tell the truth. That last describes Noah Andrews to a tee, and he knows it with every cell of his body.

But he also knows that he’s scared and that the world can be cruel. His high school is a place of judgment and fear, without having come out as gay.

But the truth must come out. And it does, on one fateful day. Noah sums up the courage and lets himself free. The reactions are mixed, the future consequences unsure, but one thing is clear in the present – not everyone is just okay with his true identity.

An anonymous text that night gives him hope for something he never had time to feel before. Someone out there in the school has a crush on him, and it seems that the one day couldn’t get better.

While not everything that follows in this tale and not everything else in Noah’s life is wonderful – much to the contrary, there remain a few perfect moments and a few strong people who set about leaving their mark on his life, future, and soul. All of what happens in our lives exist only to shape us. Noah has a long way to go, but he’s ready for the ride. 

A Mark on My Soul by Jordon Greene - Best Gay Fantasy Books

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Hero by Perry Moore

Taking a sharp swing from the rest of the books on this list into the colorful land of more Superhero-influenced fiction, the aptly named Hero is nonetheless a queer fantasy work well worthy of praise that brings more than its fair share of unique twists and well-formulated characters to the table.

The book’s plot revolves around a boy named Thom Creed. Thom’s parents are both superheroes – known worldwide for their strengths, abilities and great deeds – and that’s a hard act to match at the best of times.

However, Thom’s dad isn’t as popular as he used to be, and things aren’t getting easier for the Creed family. Thom is feeling more out of place with every passing day, and that’s without saying anything about the burning secret he has been holding against his chest for about as long as he can remember.

Hero is sure to be a massive hit with both fans of comic book style writing and those interested in queer writing, and not just thanks to its top-notch action. The world may accept him and his kind for having supernatural abilities, and it may be okay with the fact that aliens and ultra-powerful forces of evil exist, but somehow it still makes Thom feel scared about admitting the truth.

He’s gay and more scared about it than anything else. What remains of his parent’s legacy is on the line, and a great struggle is ahead of him.  

Hero by Perry Moore - Best Gay Fantasy Books

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Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Cemetery Boys is a novel like no other, a spooky romance story with Latinx characters. It is a must-read for anyone who loves a good fantasy novel. This queer book has been critically acclaimed as one of the best gay fantasy books in recent years and has made its way onto many best-seller lists.

It follows the story of Gabriel, a trans teen who discovers he can commune with ghosts and uses his newfound powers to help his community.

It portrays the different views of a family towards the LGBTQ+ community, and who better than the Latinx community, which has not always been very supportive of the manner? When magic is involved and family is a big part of your life, there are things you must fight bigger than monsters, and sometimes everything you need is just within you. 

The book is filled with romance, adventure, and mystery that will keep you enthralled until the end. It is an entertaining read and sheds light on important topics such as gender identity and acceptance in Latinx culture. It’s sure to be a gift that your friends and family will love!

Why we love it: It gives the experience of a trans teen in a Latinx family, filled with magic, a worthy dying romance, and friendship. 

Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas - best Gay Fantasy Books

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Sebastian by Sam Argent

Sebastian Orwell is used to helping people in need. He was a little too used to it, if he were, to be honest, to the point where it started to get on his nerves. Every person needs healing and saving by the great powerful wizards, and everyone is a victim.

Thus, it was just another day in Sebastian’s work when he found the Crown Prince of the kingdom injured, healed him, and consequently left him so he could continue on his way. 

While many people – Sebastian included – may have considered the act a mere thing of courtesy, if even that, just as he thinks himself free of this particular bout of trouble, it seems that the Crown Prince has taken great merit to his ‘savior’, and is set upon tracking down Sebastian to thank him personally.

When the two finally meet, however, the wizard’s annoyance quickly dispels and, in its place, rises a new level of worry. Demons from the past are rising, the unwanted attention is bringing him all the wrong kinds of notice, and there doesn’t seem to be a way in the world that he can get rid of this troublesome Prince. 

When the ends of the secrets that Sebastian has been keeping for a long time begin to unravel at the end, and the shadow of his father becomes cast long upon his future, he knows that he has to do something. And fast, lest things move beyond any possibility of saving.

Sebastian by Sam Argent - Best Gay Fantasy Books

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So This is Ever After by F. T. Luken. 

F. T. Lukens’s debut novel, So This is Ever After, is an exceptional queer fantasy book that has gained immense popularity and critical acclaim. It is the perfect book for anyone who loves fantasy, romance, and LGBTQ+ stories. With its unique storyline and captivating characters, this book will take readers on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

The story follows two boys from different worlds who find themselves in a magical forest filled with wonders and danger. As they explore their new surroundings, they must learn to trust each other despite their differences to survive the unknown dangers ahead of them. Along the way, they discover that love can be found in unexpected places and that it can bring them closer together than ever before.

It answers all the questions readers are left with when reading a fantasy book, what happens after the heroes defeat the great evil and their never-ending quest ends. It’s a funny story with unique characters, each with their struggles, who were chosen for this quest and left everything they knew to join Arek to change the world they live in.

So This is Ever After is a must-read for anyone looking for an engaging read with a unique take on LGBTQ+ themes and fantasy elements. It has received numerous positive reviews from critics and readers alike, making it a good choice for those wanting to get lost in a fantasy book.

Why we love it: It reminds us of Carry On, an engaging fantasy book with solid characters; no one is left behind, each of them is well written, and it’s just great having a book that takes into the matter what happens after everything you fight for is over. It’s the perfect continuation to any happy, ever-after kind of novel. 

So This is Ever After by F. T. Luken. - best Gay Fantasy Books

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The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan

A tough-as-nails work that powers through an even bolder story, The Steel Remains is not for everyone, but for those readers that can weather the intensity and brutality of its story, it is an underrated gem for the ages.

It’s been a few years since humans were forced to ally with the much more advanced Kiriath against the lizard-like Scaled Folk, and things aren’t looking great. The Kiriath left not long after they thought the way over, but it had just begun. Now, alone and struggling to form anything near a fair society, the human race and its adjacents are in trouble – and a lot of it.

Ringil is used to living in concealment. After all, he survived his entire youth as a gay man in a city where being queer is punishable by death, not to mention the rest of modern life’s dangers. Even though he hates the city and everything it stands for, he fights against the lizardfolk and is considered a hero alongside his two companions when they are defeated.

Those companions were Archeth and Egar – a Kiriath half-breed and a clan chief with little choice but to try his best to lead the people who trust him. Now, however, Ringil is alone – refusing to return to the place he once called home and leaving his fellow soldiers in favor of the wilderness. But, just like the war, their story together hasn’t ended yet.

The Steel Remains by Richard K. Morgan - Best Gay Fantasy Books

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The Darkness Outside Us by Eliot Scherf 

Eliot Schref’s The Darkness Outside Us is a must-read for anyone who loves fantasy and queer literature. It tells the story of two men, one gay and one straight, who become unlikely allies as they search for a way to save their world from ancient darkness.

This book has captivated readers worldwide with its compelling characters, romantic storyline, and thrilling plot twists. Critics have praised it for its originality and depth of emotion, making it a bestseller on shelves everywhere.

With a mission to save his sister and the world and technology beyond our comprehension Ambrose and Kodiak’s little affair begins when they both need to work together to survive. Two sworn enemies sent in the same spaceship with the same goal. 

The Darkness Outside Us is perfect for anyone looking for a unique queer fantasy experience. Its friendship, love, and acceptance themes make it an ideal gift for any reader looking to explore LGBTQ+ literature. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy or just looking to support diverse authorship in literature, this book will satisfy your literary cravings.

Why we love it: Not only does it portray a relationship you aren’t expecting, but it shows how when darkness suffocates you, and there seems to be no way out of it, sometimes love is the only light that can guide you and help you conquer it. 

The Darkness Outside Us by Eliot Scherf - best Gay Fantasy Books

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Lord of the White Hell by Ginn Hale

Though it is the second book on this list written by Ginn Hale after ‘Wicked Gentlemen’, Lord of the White Hell is set in another world entirely and combines the best of the worlds of adult and young adult writing together to make a reading experience that is like no other, and a true shining star in both accounts.

Kiram is seventeen years old, a skilled machinist, and the son of a well-connected candy maker known by almost all. Outside of all this, however, he is a Haldim, not a Cadeleonian, and therefore it is a great honor that he has been allowed to attend the famous Caledonian Academy.

Or at least that is what everyone has been telling him so far. As of yet, he still has to work it all out for himself and try to stay afloat amidst a sea of pressure, racism, and study. 

At first, things go just as much as Kiram had expected. He finds it hard to fit in, the social groups of the school chafe him to and fro, and he finds it difficult to balance the life he once had with the life he was expected to adapt to now.

But all of that changes for the better somewhat when his friendship with his roommate, Javier Tornesal of Rauma, truly blossoms. Javier is more than content to show him the Academy’s ropes, but it’s just a matter of time before their connection deepens into something much more.

Lord of the White Hell by Ginn Hale - Best Gay Fantasy Books

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The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern is a must-read for fans of LGBTQ and queer books. It is a fantasy novel that follows the story of Zachary Ezra Rawlins, a graduate student who discovers a mysterious book hidden in the library.

This book leads him on an adventure where he discovers secret societies, magical libraries, and mythical creatures. The Starless Sea is full of secrets and surprises that keep readers guessing until the end.

It’s the kind of book that every LGBTQ kid wants to read, it has all kinds of characters and fantasy stories never heard before, and it takes you places you never imagined. It is a magical book, one you won’t want to stop reading, and once you do, you will want more and more.

The characters are complete; their struggles, doubts, and traveling to this magical world, filled with puzzles and creatures, will keep you hooked from the first page. 

The novel has been praised by critics and readers alike for its unique take on LGBTQ themes and its captivating storytelling. It has become a fan favorite, and many have called it one of the best books they have ever read. The Starless Sea is sure to be an instant classic that should be on every reader’s shelf – it is worth buying!

Why we love it: Alice in Wonderland meets the Wizard of Oz; it’s a magical adventure filled with new creatures and written so well that you will feel part of the story as you read it. Anyone who is a fan of magic or fantasy must read this book. 

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern - best Gay Fantasy Books

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Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling

One only needs to take one look at this book’s cover to know that it’s quite an old addition to the literary world – hailing from way back in 1996 – but since when has age been a negative factor for fiction, especially fantasy?

Things never really added up in Alec of Kerry’s life, nor did he ever have the best of luck, but he never expected things to go as badly for him as they are now. He’s been accused of a grievous crime though he is completely innocent, and now he has been thrown into jail with the notorious Seregil of Rhiminee. But, as it turns out, jail isn’t the end of the line for him.

Before long, he’s made a pact with Seregil that he never thought he would make, and the pair set off on a series of unbelievable exploits that put them squarely on the line between certain death and daring survival.

Although their relationship starts relatively complicated, not to mention its somewhat less than accommodating surroundings, it isn’t long before things start to get a little complicated – and another just because of the life-threatening danger that they are in almost all of the time.

With a fiery plot and an amazing world to compliment the power of the intense, unlikely romance at its core, it almost seems like there’s no mark that Luck in the Shadows doesn’t hit. Not only that, but this book is only the first in a series of seven.

Luck in the Shadows by Lynn Flewelling - Best Gay Fantasy Books

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Scarlet and the White Wolf by Kirby Crow

Stepping up high with wit and intrigue with a far-distant but still recognizable spin of the classic ‘Red Riding Hood’ tale, Scarlet and the White Wolf is everything that readers look for in both gay romance and fantasy. The characters are alive, and the story sings.

In a world of great cold and harsh days, people go about their daily lives and try to do the best by themselves and each other as they can. Scarlet is one of those people – by blood, if not fully by the mind. He is forever moving on the land – forever selling, buying, and forever trading, all to make ends meet and keep his parents from slipping away from him. 

The life of Liall, however, is worlds away. Liall is called ‘The Wolf of Omara’, and is known throughout all the lands as a brave bandit chieftain with little understanding of fear and even less cowardice. When the two cross paths on a mountain road, the sparks of conflict fly, and the two end up much closer in each-others lives than they truly are comfortable being. 

But, as often comes to pass in such happenstance situations, it isn’t long before things shift between the honest merchant and the brutish man he perceives as a ruthless criminal and nothing more. There is more to that tough façade than he had originally thought, and soon enough, there is more to their feelings for one another than a begrudging friendship.

Scarlet and the White Wolf by Kirby Crow - Best Gay Fantasy Books

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Reverie by Ryan La Sala

Reverie is a fantasy novel that celebrates the LGBTQ community and explores queer themes. It follows the story of two young men, one of whom is a prince, as they journey to save their kingdom from an evil witch. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to explore the themes of identity, love, and acceptance in a magical setting.

Reverie is a world of dreams, like Inception, mixed with a supernatural institution; fans of The Magicians will love this book. An epic gay story like nothing ever written; a boy wakes up with no memories and has to find out what is going on with him and everyone around him, little pocketed worlds that come alive from one’s imagination. Imagine what happens when your vivid imagination becomes a whole world that could tear everything apart. 

Kane and his group of friends, “The others,” gain abilities that help them to resolve the reveries. It’s a queer journey worth reading, with many pop references that will keep you laughing and questioning everything as you go through this tale of dreams. 

Reverie has earned rave reviews from fans and critics alike for its captivating plot, vivid characters, and thought-provoking themes. It is sure to be a fan favorite for readers of all ages looking for an exciting adventure with LGBTQ characters at the center. Reverie should be on every reader’s shelf as it provides insight into the queer culture while entertaining readers with its magical world.

Why we love it: Nothing beats a fantasy story than having a broad queer party, fighting with bullies, and identity. It shows how coming out of the closet on someone else’s terms can affect how we see ourselves and act toward personal connections. 

Reverie by Ryan La Sala - best Gay Fantasy Books

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The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

Closing off this list of best gay fantasy books with a bang, and possibly as one of the very best entries here, The House in the Cerulean Seas is a recent release from 2020, but it has already established itself as a classic in the hearts of readers and the queer fiction genre as a whole. Centered on the titular island and its burning center of secrets, the story within this book’s pages is nothing short of entrancing and wonderful.

Linus Baker is an inconspicuous man of forty who likes keeping to himself, listening to records and hanging out with his cat more than talking to other people.

His job as a Case Worker at the Department in Charge of Magical Youth is demanding at times, what with all the whacky and potentially dangerous things that the gifted young get up to from time to time, but for the most part, he appreciates the fact that it allows him to live in peace.

Or at least it did until an assignment from the Extremely Upper Management sends him to a distant island in the middle of the Cerulean Sea, where the Marsyas Island Orphanage awaits. There, he is set to find six children of surprisingly varied and hazardous magical potential – each presenting a different challenge to care for.

That’s not to mention the one doing the actual caring – Arthur Parnassus – a welcoming yet mysterious man who opens up a part of Linus’ heart that has been closed for as long as he can remember.

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune - Best Gay Fantasy Books

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